The French Manicure has become such an established classic; but where did it all begin?… It all started with PINK.

The History of ORLY

In the early 70’s Jeff Pink and his wife Orly immigrated to the United States in search of the American dream.


In 1975 Jeff opened a small beauty supply store, called “Jeff Pink Beauty Supply” when he was approached by a manicurist who asked if he could create a nail strengthener. Jeff created ROMEO which was an instant success. He then named his company ORLY.

Jeff found more success in another product, Ridgefiller, which is still a best seller today!

Soon after he created the look that changed the nail industry forever… The French Manicure.

How did the French Manicure become so popular?

Orly nail polish was used in numerous films, as the beauty supplier to many different Hollywood studios. Jeff was approached by a Hollywood director with a problem… he was spending several hours a day changing nail polish, and needed a versatile nail look to suit all outfits. Jeff then started looking for a new nail look.

Jeff made it his mission to provide an answer to Hollywood’s problem. His solution was ORLY’s French Manicure. The French Manicure is a flexible look that has gone on to be the most recognisable look in the nail industry. It made its Hollywood debut in John Travolta’s Saturday Night Fever and was made famous by pop stars such as Cher who championed the style throughout the 1970’s.

Orly French Manicure

How did ORLY benefit from the success of the French Manicure?

Orly grew substantially due to the success of the French Manicure and Jeff continued to think of innovations to revolutionise the nail industry.Orly

Jeff started ORLY out of the back room of his beauty supply store with just 3 employees. In 2012 ORLY sold more than 21 million products in more than 100 countries, and has won countless awards.

Jeff Pink is still at the helm and that shows no signs of stopping any time soon, he states “ORLY is my baby and I still love what I do”.

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