There are many reasons why an employee may want to leave the salon they work for. Perhaps they are looking to seek more responsibility that isn’t available at their current place of work, or the working environment just simply isn’t right. Whilst the reasons behind their departure are infinite, it is important that, as a salon owner, you recognise the strategies you can put in place to maintain a low staff turnover.

As part of the service industry, salons rely almost entirely on the skills and expertise of their staff to build up a strong client base, whilst crucially shaping and maintaining a desirable reputation.

As we have previously discussed, who you employ is an incredibly important factor when it comes to staff turnover and maintaining quality staff is even more crucial to the success of your salon. Ensure that you are initially hiring the right people: those who are interested and engaged with their profession, who really want to excel and expand their skill-set in your salon and carry your brand forward.


The relationship between staff and client retention is clear. Many clients develop good relationships with their stylists or beauty therapists and if they were to find out their favourite staff member had moved on, it may persuade them to follow them away from your salon and onto the books of a competitor.

Unfortunately, it is also common practise for rival salons to make a beeline for your staff, especially if you’ve nurtured them into reputable and highly sought after professionals. And whilst you can’t force somebody to stay at your salon, there are a number of ways to create a healthy working environment. It is important to recognise a few factors that could help not only save your salon business, but help you keep a handle on staff turnover.

It starts with you…

Set your expectations from the very beginning and show that you, as the salon owner, are organised by providing all employees with a handbook setting out the terms of employment, rules and regulations, job expectations and how they will be measured. This way, all of your staff are starting on the same foot and are fully briefed on what to expect from their role.

Training and development…

Many salon staff members leave their roles due to prolonged lack of training and development. If your employees feel stagnant in their position, they will want to seek opportunities to nurture their skills elsewhere. Everybody is motivated by different factors, and therefore a tailored programme can provide your salon staff with a clear pathway of succession, as well as reassurance of where you want their skills to expand.

The power of motivation…

Motivation is one of the most crucial elements required to keep a business operating effectively and, most importantly, successfully. It’s an easy formula to follow; the more engaged and motivated your staff are, the higher levels of client satisfaction and retention. It therefore makes good business sense for salons to invest in motivating their staff, perhaps with rewards such as a monthly meal out or early finish.

A little praise can also go a long way. Incentives can improve productivity and morale, so if you see an employee working hard and making a difference to your business, tell them.

Communication is key…

It is important to keep communication flowing between all members of salon staff. One of the main reasons for staff leaving a business is due to them feeling uninvolved and not taken seriously as a strong link within the team dynamic.

Always keep lines of communication open, filtering from the management to the assistants. Make a point to actively seek feedback from staff and create a healthy environment where everybody feels comfortable to speak up and make changes to enhance your business.

As a leader of your team, maintaining a low staff turnover starts with you. Take on the responsibility to motivate your staff and invest in them. Create a positive salon environment that welcomes employees’ voices as well as remaining professional and positive.

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