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Christmas party season is undoubtedly one of the busiest periods in the service industry calendar. And whilst this portion of the year is highly demanding both physically and mentally, it is also a lot of fun meeting new clients, making existing clients feel fabulous and soaking up the festive excitement.

Whether you’re a mobile hairdresser or helping out your family and friends, party season can be drain on your kit essentials. Here at Salons Direct we have a fantastic range of hair accessories for your kit during this busy period when essentials can run low.

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Have you checked over your transportation equipment? When you’re on the move it’s important that you’ve got somewhere safe, durable and waterproof to stash your stuff.

Discover our Haito Duo Trolley Bag featuring one larger and one smaller bag that can be attached to the portable trolley handle. Each bag contains a range of pockets and compartments for all your tools and essentials, ensuring they are stored safely.

Is it just us, or do grips mysteriously go missing as soon as they leave the packet? If you’re creating a number of fantastic up-dos this party season, you’ll need plenty of hair grips to work with. Don’t fall short when you need them most, make sure your kit includes plenty of grip options. We recommend Hair Tools 2″ Triple Wave Grips – you get 500 in a pack and they are suitable for a range of clients thanks to their availability in brown, black and blonde.

Regularly checking your kit to ensure it is in good working condition is hugely important. After all, your tool kit is an extension of your brand and allows you to carry out your job to the best standard.

Ensure that your mirror hasn’t rusted or cracked during regular use and transportation. You really don’t want to be showing a client their new do, through a broken mirror! Try our Bond Street Back Mirror – a strong and durable product – perfect for stylists on the move!

Ensure you have control over the sections of hair you’re working with with our Head Jog Dino Klipz. Available in black and pink, your kit never looked so good! The height of updo and blowdrying season has made sure there’s never been a better time to stock up on these basic styling essentials.

Are you prepared for party season?

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