Are you thinking of taking your beauty business mobile? Whether you’re starting up for the first time, or want to add a home-visit service to your salon, offering mobile treatments can be a good way to boost your business.

However, if you aren’t working out of a salon, we know you will have particular requirements when it comes to your beauty equipment.

If you are a mobile beauty therapist offering services such as hair removal or aromatherapy and massages, you will know how hard it is to find a massage table or beauty couch that suits your needs!

Finding a portable massage table that is lightweight and easy to put up and pack away can really make your job so much easier. Afterall, the last thing you want is to leave your client waiting while you battle with difficult equipment!

So, to help you do your best work, we’ve put together a list of the best lightweight portable massage tables for your mobile beauty business…

Our Best Lightweight & Portable Massage Tables

Lotus Athena Portable Couch

Weighing just 13kg, our Lotus Athena Portable Couch is available exclusively at Salons Direct. Its aluminium frame ensures you aren’t weighed down, while the carrying bag with wheels makes it even easier to transport. It also features a face cradle, so is perfect for all manner of massage therapies, plus it is height adjustable with the touch of a button.

This portable massage table is available for order now – with free delivery within 2 working days!

Affinity Deluxe Massage Couch

If you are a semi-mobile therapist, this high quality Affinity massage table is a brilliant option for your business. While sturdy enough to take place in your salon or home treatment room, it can also be quickly packed down into its wheel carry case when you are on-the-go.

The extended face cradle and luxurious padding offers maximum comfort for clients, offering the perfect place for clients to enjoy a top quality massage experience.

Affinity Portable Flexible Couch

Affinity beauty couches are known for their quality and dependability, and this portable option is no different.

The Affinity Portable Flexible Couch is one of the best on the market. It features a removable breath hole and 75-degree lifting head section, so can adapt easily to a number of treatments. From waxing to Reiki and holistic therapies, this lightweight portable beauty couch can easily be packed into its wheel case and carried to your clients location.

Affinity 8 Advanced Portable Massage Couch

For mobile therapists offering treatments such as sports massages and osteopathy, this massage bed is just what you need. The hourglass shape allows easy lumbar access while keeping your client as comfortable as possible. What’s more, it weighs just 12.5kg, so you can transport it easily and safely.

Looking for more mobile massage supplies?

We have everything you need for your mobile massage or beauty business online here at Salons Direct.

Take a look at our full face and body range to find massage oils, aromatherapy supplies and more.

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