We’ve all seen it; offers for new salon clients not available for existing customers or firms offering discounts to attract fresh customers. Whilst it is necessary to attract new clients, a salon ignores their existing clients at their own peril.

That’s because treating and rewarding customers who have already proven they are happy spending money with your brand can be a better option than constantly chasing new clients. After all, in the current climate, lots of customers shop on price alone so it could be a better idea to ensure an existing customer is spending as much as possible rather than attracting a one-off newbie looking for a discount. Especially when you keep in that it costs 5 times more to attract a new client as it does to retain an old one.

So, how do you go about encouraging repeat business? Easy, start by following our 5 top tips.

1. Consultation is key

You need to make sure you offer a great consultation to every client. By demonstrating that your client’s needs are not only important to you but you have ideas on how to fix them will inspire confidence and trust from your client.

2. Always encourage repeat bookings

Asking your client straight after they have spent an afternoon in your salon “would you like to rebook” will more than likely be answered no. However, a subtle wording change will work wonders. Why not say “I’ll need to see you in six weeks for X and Y to ensure your treatment lasts”. Wording it like this will sound less like a sales pitch and more like professional advice that shouldn’t be ignored.

3. Cross Promote

Your client won’t know about your services unless you tell them. During the consultation, refer to other members of staff who specialise in the treatment you are recommending. Bringing other members of staff into your consultations is a great way of encouraging repeat business. Statistics suggest the more services a client receives at a salon; the more likely they are to stay loyal. Also, ensuring client builds relationships with several members of staff lessons the potential impact of a staff member leaving.

4. Creative Offers

Don’t just offer a discount on your brand, doing so could ensure that a customer simply waits for your next offer before coming back. Instead, offer value added incentives such as a free gift if you book treatment X and Y together.

5. Reward Loyalty

Everybody likes to feel loved, your customers are no different. Offering rewards for loyalty such as a free treatment on your 5th visit is a cheaper marketing tool than constantly chasing new customers. We believe that if every salon spent more time and money training team members to become experts in getting existing customers to experience more services, not only will the client remain loyal, the salon’s financial rewards will grow too.

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