In these money-conscious times, it can be hard to justify expenditure on staff training, particularly when there might be other areas of the salon that you feel need addressing first.

Although it can be expensive, staff training really is invaluable when it comes to keeping your salon ahead in this competitive climate. However, when a member of staff attends a training course, it is an investment. As it is an investment, you need to spend time researching the course that you send a member of staff on. Although it’s tempting, don’t send a member of staff on a course just to keep them happy, make sure that it will actually benefit your business.

Points to consider when choosing a training course:
  • Further training can be used as a motivational tool, to inspire staff to work hard and be rewarded. It’s a way to thank staff for a solid performance, not as a way of fixing problems or keeping staff happy.
  • Make sure that your staff know why they are being sent on training – e.g. Is it as a reward and to push them further in their career? Is it to bring a new skill set into the salon? Telling people why they are being sent will help reduce any resentment.
  • It sounds obvious, but always ensure that the member of staff knows exactly where they are going, and what time they need to be there.
  • Ask the member of staff attending the course to take notes – this can prove very useful when they return to the salon to retain the knowledge from the course, and it can be reviewed with the team.
  • When a member of the team goes on a training course, it’s a great opportunity for the rest of the team to share the knowledge they learn too. Set up an informal session in the salon when they get back, and allow them to share what they’ve learned.

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