We know that being a professional beauty therapist can be just as rewarding as it can be challenging. Certain things are just so relatable to the industry. At Salons Direct, we are well known for the relatable memes we share on the @salonsdirect Instagram. We’ve rounded up the best memes to which every beauty therapist will immediately relate. They are so accurate that it will feel as though you wrote them yourself!

Memes Every beauty therapist will relate to

Because it really is a case of, #ifyouknowyouknow

1. Squeeze in a client

Sounds like a good idea at the time, until it actually happens.

2. 5 minutes after getting home

Straight to bed, ready to do it alllll again tomorrow!

3. Is being a beauty therapist a 9-5 Job?

The short answer is…No!

4. Bad Memory

Surely they don’t expect me to remember? Do they? Okay, they do *thinks hard*.

5.  Charge what you are worth

Never ever sell yourself short. You know your worth.

6. Client’s that go to someone else

It’s always better to stick to what and who you know.

7. Client’s that bring coffee

Your favourite kind of clients!

8. Client Referrals

Always grateful!

9. Client turning up early

I mean, small mercies? It’s better than being late or not showing up at all?

10. No shows that want their deposit back

Do they not understand what a deposit is for?

11. Client’s getting a facial

We beauty therapists really do work magic! Believe us when we say!

12. Client’s who have been to someone else

We always find out!

13. Latest Client Gossip

Please, do tell us more…

14.  Coworkers

I am and can always be two different people depending on my mood and the day.

15. When you have a full day of regulars


It’s like a reunion at the best party EVER.

16. Dirty lashes

Just no.

17.  Driving home after work in the Christmas rush

I need to hibernate. Forever.

18. In the staffroom in mid-December


Please don’t talk to me.

19. After a Saturday in the salon

Wine. All the wine. In a bucket.

20. Checking up on aftercare

Just checking.

21. A hangover in the salon

Not. In. The Mood. But I brought it on myself!

22. Beauty Therapist heartbeat

Can I hide and pretend this isn’t happening, or would that be unreasonable?

23. A knock at the door

The best day is when your beauty supplies delivery from Salons Direct arrives.

24. Loyal Clients

The ultimate. It’s what we all aim for.

25. New Client

Keep on that Insta grind, it is working!

26. New clients Vs Regulars

Same me, depending on my mood.

27. A busy week in the salon

You didn’t see this ok?

28. Raising Prices

Gotta do what we gotta do!

29. Rude Clients

Goodbye. Please never return.

30. Seeing clients on your day off

Nothing to see here!

31. Small Business Owner

Am I doing it right?

32. What clients see/ what they don’t see

If we could put this on a billboard or sent out flyers, we would.

33. When a client is late

Where are you????!

34. The Christmas Rush


Just give me a minute, ok?

35. Two clients in a one-time slot

I’m not here…

36. Sooo… Much…. Love….


37. Nothing to see here…


I really need a PA.

38. Just a quick pic!


I need to document this amazingness.

39. Forever grateful.


An unexpected tip is worth so much.


40. No, no and errrmm no.



41. I should charge by the hour

Oh, wait…Make that an EXTRA hour.

42. Sorry, not sorry

We love you too, boo.

43. I know my worth

Good luck! Sure I’ll see you again.

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