The professional hairstyling industry is a fantastic place to have you laughing, crying and everything in between. At Salons Direct, we are well known for the relatable memes we share on the @salonsdirect Instagram. In case you missed them or needed some assurance that in the hair business, it’s not just you, we have rounded up our favourite memes that every hairstylist will immediately relate to. They are so accurate that it will feel as though you wrote them yourself!

Salon Memes Every Hair Stylist Will Relate To

Typical situations that will have you nodding along #ifyouknowyouknow.

1. There are two types of hairstylists on a Saturday after work

We’d love to say that we’re ‘ready to party’ all weekend kinda stylists, but in reality, sleeping is one of our favourite hobbies!

2. 5 mins after getting home from the salon…

Well, that sounds about right! 😂😂 Does every hairstylist not head straight into bed?

3. Is being a professional hairstylist a 9-5 job?

Working 9-5 just doesn’t always fit the industry, some days it’s more like 8 am-9 pm! Is that the same for anyone else?

4. The many emotions of a hairstylist

It’s an emotional rollercoaster at times…especially when you’ve spent your whole day eyeballing a colour correction!

5. Bad Memory

*Slowly dies a bit inside* “Please can you remind me of what we did last time!”

6. Client compliments

I know right! I mean…WHY THANK YOU!

7. Blow-Dry Day

I’m tired and my arms are soreeee!

8. When you actually find time to eat

BRING ME ALL THE FOOD…nom nom nom!

9. Charge what you are worth

100% the best piece of advice! There’s always someone who is cheaper…but you get what you pay for.

10. There is always someone who charges less

ALWAYS, so be my guest!

11. Cleaning the plughole

Pleaseeeee don’t make me do it!!!

12. Squeezing in another client

*Thinking of all the things I could spend that money on* Hmmmmmm, should I? shouldn’t I?

13. Clients that go to someone else

Ermmmmm, NO!

14. When clients bring you coffee

“You’ve always been my favourite”

15. Client Referrals

Is there any better feeling? 💚

16. A client turning up early

I suppose it’s better than being late!

17. No shows that want their deposits back

Is that not the whole point in a deposit?!

18. Clients at the backwash

Oops, sorry! Hehe

19. Clients that think I’m listening

GUILTY! I’m sure so many stylists can relate to this one!

20. Clients going to someone else

Oh, welcome back, it’s been a while!

21. Listening to your client’s latest gossip

OH WOW! Does anyone else LOVEEEE juicy client gossip?

22. Coworkers be like…

Sorry in advance! I only have 2 looks- glam or homeless!

23. A full day of regulars be like…

Yeeeeha, the BEST days! Filled with laughter, gossip and my besties!

24. Deposits

It’s fairly straightforward, if you don’t turn up I don’t get paid? How is that fair?

25. Pictures that didn’t make the cut

You really don’t want to see my camera roll. 286827407493 pictures is an understatement!

26. Driving home from work in December

Oh wow, those December nights are a killer! But we wouldn’t have it any other way.

27. Finishing a Saturday in the salon

Yes please, extra-large!

28. A day of foiling

Feeling accomplished but DRAINED!

29. A hangover in the salon

Couldn’t have said it better myself… “Go eaaaaaasy on me babyyyy”

30. Two clients who turn up at the same time

UH OHHHHH! When the fear hits you…

31. A hairdressers inch Vs A clients inch

No that’s NOT an inch, an inch is an inch, not a centimetre!!


32. A knock at the door

YASSSSSSSSSSSS!! Our favourite knock at the door

33. Last client of the day

After a longggg day. Nearly thereeeeee, the end is near!

34. Loyal Client

There’s my crew!!! Woop Woop

35. Legs after a day in work

Don’t you know pump it up, you’ve got to pump it up!

36. New Client

Welcome to my world!

37. New Clients Vs Regulars

Hahaha sorry regulars, but it’s true!

38. No more tears

Me promising not to cry after the busiest week of clients!

39. Olaplex Lovers

OBVIOUSLY! Who doesn’t love Olaplex?

40. Open eyes at the basin

Ever feel like somebody’s watching you? 👀


41. Raising Prices

It’s horrible having to raise your prices, but with the rising cost of stock, rent, and training…needs must sometimes!

42. Realising your processing time is up


43. Rude Clients

Ok byeeeeeeeeeee 👋

44. A salon without the assistant

Carnage erupts when there’s no assistants…

45. When your client uses your tips & tricks!

Yessss go gurllll!

46. Small Business Owners

Is everyone free at 10am for a meeting? Yep! I am!

47. What clients see Vs What they don’t

There’s sooooo much more than just what you see.

48. New client red flags

The ULTIMATE red flag  🚩

49. When two clients show up at the same time

Ever wanted the ground to swallow you up on the spot?

50. No shows



51. When a client wants to go back to dark hair after 6 months of trying to go blonde

Hmmm how to manage the expectations?


52. Stylists in the salon vs Stylists on their day off

We do like colour…really.


53. Be true to you

Because nobody is you and that is your power.

54. Keepin’ the realities real

Can you relate?

55. Stylists trying to look normal when blow-drying hair during the Summer

Sweat in place you don’t want to know about.

56. When a client comes back after another stylist botched their hair.

Don’t even try to lie.



57. When the salon turns into a photo call

Gotta get a good shot for the ‘gram.


58. Are you going to be okay?

This is going to be a loooong appointment.


59. Our favourite clients are the ones that bring snacks, show up on time and take our advice.

More of this please!



60. Swapping all black eerryy’thing for a statement style.

…And nobody notices.


61. When a client tries to squeeze themselves in.

It’s a no from me.

62. What it really means to ‘Just pop in the back’

Andddd breatheeee.

63. Byeee hunsss.

Don’t text, call or DM.

64. My salon family is my second family.

We’d be lost without each other.


65. Is that you?

Think you must have seen someone else.

66. Where are my beach blonde babes and my goth girls at?

Luckily we can do light hair and dark hair REALLY well.

67. Sometimes wine is all that is needed

It’s medicinal!



68. I never doubted myself

I am a master at work.


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