Guest blogger Raymond Bottone, shares his top tips with you about how your skills as a reputable men’s hairdresser are recognised and also gives his opinions on what are the best products around at the moment!

The male grooming industry is growing and quite rightly so. It is fantastic to see the standards of men’s hairdressing improving and with it, barber shops and salons evolving in both concept and services offered.

With so many great and perhaps not so great men’s hairdressers around, I wonder, how does the consumer know who is the best?

Does the price justify how good they are? Not in my experience.

How about the aesthetics of the shop? “Great cutting chair, shame about the customer service‚” is a common thing I hear.

Here’s a few tips that could help you become one the best.

The Men’s Hairdressing Federation

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Adam Sloane, founder of the ‘Men’s Hairdressing Federation’ (MHFed). Mr. Sloane is passionate about the need to promote the awareness of the dedicated and talented men’s hairdressers amongst us.

We need to protect our craft’s reputation and without a doubt, the MHFed is an organisation to do just that. They have various memberships available, which I highly recommend you take a look and see what they are all about.

Remember the MHFed is only for the passionate and dedicated among you.

Your Tools

I do believe your cutting and styling tools are paramount in the pursuit of being the best men’s hairdresser in town, not just to achieve great results but also to demonstrate a passion to your client and to get you in a professional mindset.

YS Park Combs – Starting from £7.50 they are by far the best combs I have ever used.

Yaska Scissors – Since the age of 16 I have always used Yasaka Scissors

Denman Brushes – I do enjoy blow drying hair fairly natural, a Denman Flat Brush is my favorite tool when wrap drying.

Wahl Clippers – I love using Wahl Clippers, more specifically the Super Taper 2000. A great versatile clipper that helps me achieve a consistent graduation.

Barber Connect 2014

Going to Barber Connect This Year?

The MHFed have shows running throughout the day, with a selection of excellent Men’s Hairdressers both established and up and coming, the shows will be inspirational to the passionate amongst you.

I will be hosting a show with the very talented Kevin Vorley. Feel free to come and have a chat.

I believe tickets are available from here: