Follow this Step-by-Step guide to create the perfect Mermaid design nail art, using IBD Just Gel Polish.

1. Prep natural nails for Just Gel Polish application.

– Use Cuticle Pusher for dry cuticle prep and remove non-living tissue from nail plate.

– Shape nails with 180 grit Emerald File. Gently buff nails with Diamond Buffer.

– Remove dust with an IBD Nail Wipe.

– Apply 1 coat of Power Bond and allow to dry (please note it will still look shiny).

2. Apply Base Coat to nails making sure that you cap the free edge to avoid product shrinkage. Cure in lamp. (30 seconds in LED/ 1 Minute in UV).

3. Apply Hot Springs in thin layers capping the free edge and curing in between. 2 coats should give you good coverage and you can start your design.

mermaid step 3

4. Using an IBD Nail Wipe and Eden create a random sponged pattern all over the nail and cure.

mermaid step 4

5. With a different side of your wipe apply a random sponge pattern with Sargasso Sea and cure.

mermaid step 5

6. Repeat the same sponging technique using Meteorite creating a funky mermaid’s tail design. Cure. Remember less is more so don’t apply too much product.

mermaid step 6

7. Apply a thin coat of Hawaiian Ice to the whole nail but do not cure.

mermaid step 7

8. Bubbles: Using a Gel Art Striping Brush and JGP Top Coat drop little beads of the top coat onto the wet Hawaiian Ice all over the nail starting from the centre of the nail near the cuticle and wait for the droplets to gently spread.

mermaid step 8

9. Ideally you should do 1 nail at a time with the bubble technique to prevent the droplets spreading too far and the pattern disappearing. Once each nail has been ‘bubbled’, flash cure (5- 10 seconds in led or 30 seconds in UV). Once one hand is complete you can now fully cure.

mermaid step 9

10. Apply JGP Top Coat and cure. Remove tacky inhibition layer using IBD Cleanser Plus and finish nails off with IBD Lavender Cuticle Oil massaged into cuticles.

mermaid step 10

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Mermaid Tutorial