Most Hashtagged Hair Trends – Q&A with Fergal Doyal of Wella

How have you seen hair trends change over the years?

The trends have become less and less dictated by hair colour manufacturers and fashion houses and are now being influenced by economic factors and social media engagement.

For example, balayage; the trend emerged because during the economic downturn after 2007, blondes could not afford the luxury of a full head colour every 4-6 weeks.

Suddenly roots were acceptable and stylists began to experiment with low maintenance highlighting techniques. Grey hair became a micro trend because silver shampoo was being overused by clients attempting to maintain their blonde without salon appointments. These looks were showcased across the globe on social media and became the trend that has defined the last decade.

Blonde hair, long hair, curly hair and balayage have come out as the most used hair hashtags – would you say there is any correlation between these trends and your bestselling products?

Yes, definitely! Wella Professionals INVIGO Color Brilliance shampoo is our best-selling shampoo and is perfect for both blonde and Balayage hair. It has an additive that helps remove impurities from the hair; these impurities can lead to damage when colouring and can turn blondes green over time!

The Recently Launched Color Motion + range is a triple threat; providing up to 8 weeks colour protection, stronger hair from root to tip and incredible shine.

To what extent do you think Instagram has had an impact on driving hair trends and techniques?

Instagram is now where trends start and ideas are incubated. It’s so simple for companies to test the waters with new looks, products, and techniques online. Audiences are vocal about their likes and dislikes.

How important do you think it is for hair brands to keep an eye on what is trending on Instagram?

It is imperative. Trends come and go so much faster on social media. Any successful brand from any industry will know that Instagram is now the beating pulse for trends and we must keep our finger on it to remain current and relevant in this fast changing market.

Do social media hair trends affect the products you create or the way you market them at all?

Yes! The products, techniques and services we are creating now are more about an instant effect and changeability. Think about glossing services; they take 10 minutes to develop and are very low commitment. Consumers needs are been driven by the instant reality created by social media

How do you think social media has changed the way the hair industry works?

Consumers are better informed. There’s no more “faking it” in the hairdressing industry. you need to be an expert and a well-educated one at that. Colour has also become so popular again because coloured hair is more inspiring than chocolate and caramel. This is giving rise to more hairdressers wanting to specialise in colour.

What up-and-coming trends do you predict will next be an Instagram hit?

Coloured home care available to buy straight from the Instagram post, (driven by the trend of constantly being under surveillance with smart phones). Clients want their colour to look absolutely perfect every day. E-commerce is becoming the norm for every company, so I think the marriage of these two trends will drive a rise in homecare with colour maintenance infused.

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