Most Hashtagged Hair Trends – Q&A with Heather Mackenzie

Can you introduce yourself and give us a summary of the work you do in the industry?

My real name is Heather Mackenzie, @glam.by.heather on Instagram. I am known more for pastel and vivid transformations. I’m part on the UK Riot Squad for Pulp Riot and I have just won colour artist of the year at Wella Trend Vision.

How have you seen hair colour trends change over the years?

It’s such an exciting time to be a hair colourist with how the industry is at the moment. Literally anything goes! You can have a gorgeous soft balayage client in your chair in the morning and a beautiful, bright rainbow client in the afternoon.

We’re seeing our natural balayage clients – who we never thought would want anything different – trying a little blush pink or peach tone. We’re also seeing the clients who are used to pastel/vivids going for rainbows, clashing colour combos, melts and pushing for something a little different to stand out.

Why do you think multicoloured hair styles are becoming more popular in the mainstream?

I think we’re seeing more and more colours on celebrities. On Instagram, hair celebs like Guy Tang are creating the most amazing colours and clients are seeing it every day when looking at their phones. It’s not just alternative people wearing them, it’s people from all walks of life.

To what extent do you think Instagram has had an impact on driving hair trends and techniques?

Massively. Anyone who brings in Inspiration images now, they’re from instagram. A lot of the time they’re from your own page too, which is so exciting because you really can put out who you want in your chair.

How important do you think it is for hair stylists to keep an eye on what is trending on Instagram?

It’s incredibly important. We need to know what clients are going to be bringing in before they do. We need to be ready and up to date with techniques so we can give clients these amazing colours without being put on the spot behind the chair.

Do you think social media has changed the way the hair industry works?

Absolutely, its opened so many more doors for amazing artists that before weren’t getting the recognition. You don’t have to live in London anymore to get opportunities. We’re able to get our work out in front of so many people just by utilising social media.

In what ways do you think hair stylists can benefit from using social media when promoting themselves?

I always say it depends on who you are targeting. If your column in the Salon isn’t full and you’re wanting to fill the gaps, or even build your clientele from scratch, you can. I moved salons 5 years ago and had to build a completely new client base from scratch. Now I would say 90% of my clients are from Instagram and my column is full.

You can also use it for brand recognition. If you’re wanting to work with or for brands, they can see you so easily on Instagram and it can open up a lot of opportunities.

What up-and-coming trends do you think will next be an Instagram hit?

Honestly, I don’t see Vivids and pastels going anywhere, but I think they will be a little softer, maybe less different colours and more tone on tone work.

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