Most Hashtagged Hair Trends – Q&A with Jaymz Marsters

Can you introduce yourself and give us a summary of the work you do in the industry?

I’ve spent 13 years in the industry. I’m now a salon owner & educator at The Watt based in a small Norfolk town. Creative hair colour takes up around 60% of my clientele, but on social media this is my main focus.

Why do you think multicoloured hair styles are becoming more popular in the mainstream?

Instagram is a platform which is more visual than other social media. Bright hair is so eye catching it can stop you when scrolling endlessly. It sticks in your mind, whether it is a good photo you’ve seen or not, which makes you think about the fact you want to stand out. You want to stop people scrolling, which in turn, pushes people to colour their hair to something bright.

To what extent do you think Instagram has had an impact on driving hair trends and techniques?

Clients are no longer looking in magazines for their next hair colour or style. In fact, one of the first places they are now looking is on social media. These platforms, mainly Instagram, are not only having an impact on hair trends, they are in fact creating these trends.

New techniques are also there, in the palm of your hand, within seconds of the upload button being pressed. These go viral and the next big hair trend or technique is with the majority of modern day hairstylists and clients by the end of the day.

How important do you think it is for hair stylists to keep an eye on what is trending on Instagram?

It’s very important. Clients will also be keeping an eye on what’s going on with hair trends and its best to be that one step ahead. Be sure you educate your clients, instead of having them educate you on what’s hot and what’s not.

Do you think social media has changed the way the hair industry works?

A major part of the ‘old’ industry used to be exclusive to brand-trained professionals, award-winners and like minded business owners. You no longer need to pay £££ for professional shoots to “make it” in the industry.

Now, a percentage of the industry can be dominated by anyone who doesn’t have the backing of a big brand or a big budget. Instead, they can carry their own skills of hair and showcase them in some rather decent high quality amateur photos.

In what ways do you think hair stylists can benefit from using social media when promoting themselves?

It’s a great tool for gaining clients, whether it’s bums in seats or turning traction from brands into paying clients by creating content using their products. In addition to that, it can be used to help build your own personal brand and showcase your work as a virtual portfolio for existing and new clients.

What up-and-coming trends do you think will next be an Instagram hit?

No one can predict this. Gone are the days of figuring this out ahead of time. What social media users like varies every day. What they like the most will be what’s next for a short period of time until the next viral hair trend comes around…whatever that will be!

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