Most Hashtagged Hair Trends – Q&A with Samantha Cusick

Samantha Cusick

Can you introduce yourself and give us a summary of the work you do in the industry?

My name is Samantha Cusick, I am the founder of Samantha Cusick London an independent hair salon with a vision to do things differently.

Getting your hair done should be fun, right? We believe clients should have a great time in the salon and leave feeling incredible with gorgeous, healthy hair that they can wear every day and be able to make look as amazing yourself.

We have established ourselves as a destination salon for all things hair with a particular speciality for balayage!

How have you seen hair trends change over the years?

Trends have become so much more reactive. Gone are the days of the big hairdressing chains churning out arty visionary collections inspired by something in nature they once saw whilst traveling and so on! We, as hairdressers, were expected to interpret this and find a way to incorporate commercially.

Now, thanks to social media, clients are much more aware of how they would like their hair, what the latest techniques are, and can seek out the stylist they want to do their hair themselves.

Why do you think balayage hair has exploded in popularity recently?

Balayage has been growing in popularity for years and in my opinion shows no signs of slowing down. My clients love the convenience of it. They love that they can have these wonderful luminous, blended colours that grow out seamlessly and look great between salon visits.

Balayage fits the lifestyle of today’s modern busy women. We do not have the time to commit to that 6-weekly highlighting appointment anymore, so having beautifully melted colours that just blend as they grow is perfect if you can’t get to the salon for 4 months!

Do you think Instagram & social media has had an impact on the demand for balayage hair?

Yes, totally. I think that social media has allowed us, as hairstylists, to educate clients. Clients know the names of techniques and seek them out with the relevant hashtags. I think this has played a huge part in the trend becoming so popular.

How important do you think it is for hair stylists to keep an eye on what is trending on Instagram?

I think it’s vital if you want to stay ahead of the curve.

Do you think social media has changed the way the hair industry works?

I personally couldn’t have got to where I am without social media. Instagram has been instrumental in getting my work out there, to be in the position to open my own salon and create a different experience for my clients.

Social media has given the younger generation of hairstylist a platform to get ahead and showcase what they can do.

In what ways do you think hair stylists can benefit from using social media when promoting themselves?

I like to look at social media as an accelerated version of word of mouth advertising. By posting your work online and having a profile that your clients can tag and engage with, it broadens your reach to prospective clients much quicker than waiting (or hoping!) one of your regulars refers a new client to you.

What up-and-coming trends do you think will next be an Instagram hit?

That’s the exciting bit about social media, it could be anything!

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