Similar to many other careers, the salary of a beauty therapist follows a pay scale which is often dependent on skills and qualifications.

Those who are at the beginning of their career will begin at the bottom of the pay scale, which gradually increases with time and experience of carrying out beauty treatments. Generally, most beauty therapists tend to go home with a salary that ranges between £12,000 and £17,000 per year. As for salon managers and senior therapists, they are able to earn anything over £20,000.

There are many variables that will determine how much you can earn as a beauty therapist. Location plays one of the biggest roles within your salary, with cities like London earning a much higher amount to reflect the cost of living. Other factors that contribute to this include how big the company is that you are joining, but also the qualifications that you’ve obtained and the demand for therapists within the area.

In some salons, it’s common for roles to be offered on a commission-only basis. If you are a freelance beauty therapist, you will have the freedom to work and the amount you earn will be solely based on how many clients you treat.


Is it possible to earn extra money?

There are a few opportunities which will allow beauty therapists to see an increase within the pay scale. It’s quite common for many clients to leave a tip to say thanks to the therapist for providing their treatment – and if you’ve got a busy day this might add up quite quickly. You might keep this money for yourself or, in most cases, split what each therapist has earned between the salon staff at the end of the day.

Another way for therapists to earn extra is through selling branded beauty products within the store, such as hair treatments including shampoos, conditioners or hair masks to clients. Providing it’s acceptable with the salon you work in, you might be able to take on some freelance work within your spare time using your own products and equipment.

How much will I earn as a beauty apprentice?

If you are undertaking beauty therapy studies, you will probably be working part-time within a salon to gain experience. From October 2015, the minimum wage for an apprentice is £3.30 an hour. Any increase in this wage is entirely at the discretion of your employer.

Will an increase in responsibility see my salary rise?

In most cases, yes it will do. If you are required to take on a number of extra duties, clients or extended hours then your pay cheque could see an increase by the end of the month. This could also indicate a progression of moving into a senior beauty therapist role within a salon which will eventually lead to a higher salary.

Can I do further training to increase my salary?

For those of you who are eager to progress up the career ladder, there are a number of higher education qualifications that will open up exciting opportunities for you. If you have an extended range of these, you will see a vast increase within your salary. Perhaps you might end up in the Beauty Therapy Management team or teaching budding beauty students the tricks of the trade.

Any further training and knowledge of beauty treatments will make you a valuable asset to any salon that you work in. Although many employers will employ staff only qualified at NVQ 1, 2 or 3 level, they could pay you a considerable amount more. The reason for this is you might be able to offer services that your colleagues are unable to do, leaving you with the potential to bring in new business and clients in.

There’s a wide range of different roles that are available for you to study for, check back to our post on the qualifications that you need to become a beauty therapist to see where this career could take you.

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