Attention professional hairstylists – we have a bundle of joy here for you today! Today, we’re talking about all things Fudge Professional. 

More specifically, we’ll be diving into their unbelievable Fudge Professional Female Styling Range Bundle. This professional bundle is truly an incredible asset to any hairstylist and includes a variety of innovative products – that will provide you with everything you need to get creative and pull off incredible looks for clients.

There’s a lot of exciting stuff to unpack here. So without further ado, let’s get started! Read on to discover the must-have products for hairstylists with Fudge Professional…

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Fudge Professional Overview 

In case you aren’t familiar with Fudge Professional and what they can offer you, let us get you up to speed. 

Fudge Professional is an incredible haircare and hairstyling brand. The Fudge team is dedicated to creating incredibly innovative professional products that are specially designed to suit the hair you’re working with. 

They offer an extensive range of salon standard hair products that once you try, you’ll wonder how you worked without them. This includes professional hair colours, bleach, styling, haircare, and more. 

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Oh, and did we mention that they’re a highly sustainable brand? Fudge Professional are constantly improving their product ranges to align with their values, dedicated to improving their product packaging – and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Here’s what they’ve achieved so far:  

  • All professional jars contain 20% less plastic than before. 
  • All professional jars are now 100% recyclable. 
  • All professional aerosols are 100% recyclable.
  • Professional bottle jars now contain PGR/PIR. 
  • 76% of the professional styling range now contains PCR/PIR. 
  • 73% of all Fudge Professional products are 100% recyclable. 

At Salons Direct, we’re dedicated to sourcing and providing professionals with the best products in the game. That’s why you can find an extensive variety of Fudge Professional products on our website here

Today we’ll be talking about their unbeatable Fudge Female Styling Bundle. 

Fudge Female Styling Bundle  

Interested in learning more about the individual products that are included in the Fudge Female Styling Bundle? Let’s jump right in. 

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Fudge Skyscraper

First up, we have the amazing Fudge Skyscraper. 

The Fudge Professional Skyscraper is an incredible light to medium hold hairspray. This will give an effortless all-day hold, whilst also offering a weather-proof and flexible finish to any creative look. 

The Fudge Professional Skyscraper will also successfully manage and control any frizz and flyaways. Its lightweight and superfine dry mist can be built up and easily layered without overloading. 

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 Fudge Salt Spray

Also included in the Fudge Female Styling Bundle is their incredible Texturising Salt Spray.

The Fudge Professional Texturising Salt Spray will allow professionals to create the most perfect beach waves no matter what time of year – whilst also providing UV protection to the client’s hair. 

The Fudge Salt Spray truly creates the best results, with a raw texture and body in flat hair guaranteed. The Texturising Salt Spray also includes a range of high-quality natural ingredients, making it the best texture spray on the market. This includes giant sea kelp, red algae, and a variety of ocean salt minerals.

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 Fudge Xpander Foam

Next, we have the game-changing Fudge Xpander Foam. 

The Fudge Xpander Foam will successfully create as much volume as you desire, along with providing incredible heat protection to your client’s hair (up to 230˚C). 

The Fudge Xpander Foam is a non-sticky, lightweight whip hair mousse that visibly increases hair density up to an incredible 180% – with innovative Fibre-Dense Technology. This will make hair not only look but feel fuller, from the root all the way to the tip.

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 Fudge Hed Shine

Next, we have the Fudge Hed Shine. The perfect secret weapon for creating the most radiant and shiny hair. 

Fudge Hed Shine is a high shine hair oil mist spray, which will instantly make your client’s hair look shinier than it ever has before. The formula is a dry oil mist that’s infused with high-quality jojoba oil and argan oil – and it’s completely weightless, so no need to worry about hair appearing heavy and greasy. 

The Fudge Hed Shine oil mist spray will not only deliver a luminous shine – it’ll also ensure all-day anti-frizz. You can’t go wrong! 

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Fudge Aqua Primer

The next professional product included in the Fudge Female Styling Bunde is the incredible Fudge Professional Blow Dry Aqua Primer – an absolute essential for any professional blow-dry treatment. 

The Fudge Aqua Primer is an unmissable first step for professionals to create the ultimate, long-lasting anti-frizz blow dry. The Fudge Aqua Primer also provides the hair with heat protection (up to 230°C). 

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What the experts have to say about the Fudge Aqua Primer

Here’s what Jonathan Andrew, a multi-award-winning hairstylist and global ambassador for Fudge, had to say on the amazing Blow Dry Aqua Primer:

“Blow dry aqua primer is my go-to for everything. It’s so lightweight and works into the hair so easily – making it the ultimate base for any styling and product cocktails!

The benefits of this product make it an essential start to the routine for any look you want to create and will in turn give you incredible results. Here are my summer and post-wash tips:  

  • Use some blow dry aqua primer as the base before some salt spray for the perfect beach wave air dry, this works so well because the salt spray helps with the texture whilst the primer adds some shine and condition whilst taming humidity. Perfect for letting your hair do its thing without added heat.


  • If you are looking for the perfect product to boost your hair condition that can be easily added to any routine – this is the one. Featuring so many innovations including hyaluronic acid which helps fix and repair the hair but also being such a lightweight aqua-based product it keeps hair from feeling weighed down or preventing you from adding more products.


  • Inspired by water-based lightweight beauty products, this for me is a revolutionary product within the fudge range, I feel a lot of the time hair products can be called “makeup” for hair and in my opinion, too often it’s considered this because it’s covering up issues, our blowdry aqua primer is more like “skincare” for your hair. Creating not only the perfect base for your styling but also helping to nourish and solve issues within your hair.


  • One thing I love recommending to my clients is to apply this straight after their care routine. This allows the product more time to work into the hair. By the time you come to styling, it can go unnoticed in the hair allowing you to start almost from scratch but with all the added benefits already there! 


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Fudge Aqua Serum

Last but certainly not least, we have the amazing Fudge Aqua Serum. 

The Fudge Aqua Serum is an enhancing hair serum. The formula is completely weightless, incredibly smoothing, leaving a flawless gloss finish to every style. Smooth through the hair to create a virtual umbrella of protection with WEATHER-SHIELD™ technology that delivers all-day humidity resistance and frizz control.

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 What the experts have to say about the Fudge Aqua Shine Serum

 Here’s what Jonathan Andrew had to say on the incredible Fudge Aqua Shine Serum:

This for me is incredible in its versatility, it’s a great product that can be used wet and dry, and being so lightweight it can help you control the hair without weighing the hair down or making it look greasy.

This is one of the easiest products in my kit bag to recommend to my clients. I’m a big fan of serums and I realised as a professional it’s because I know how and when to use them properly. 

The benefits of these products for clients and consumers are remarkable, however, I often hear complaints about them being too heavy or making the hair too greasy, this in most cases comes down to improper use, with the aqua shine serum being so light and not oil-based means all the benefits are not only easy to use but visibly different. Here’s my top piece of advice when using this product:

  • The best way to apply is to add to the palm of the hand and work into the front, back, and in between your fingers. 
  • This gives even distribution to and covers the back of the hands that touch the hair just as much as the front.
  • For application, I suggest starting underneath and working up and towards the top, this means the product is concentrated in the areas that need it like mid-lengths and ends, and doesn’t overpower the healthier root area.


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We hope that you’ve enjoyed discovering the power and potential that this Fudge Professional Female Styling Bundle holds, and what it can offer professionals like you. We offer an extensive variety of Fudge Professional products here at Salons Direct, so be sure to check out our website for more information!

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