We know the fantastic Schwarzkopf Professional range is a staple in many hair salons across the world. Perfect for creating gorgeous hair colour results, we love it when a new product hits the market.

So, today we are excited to bring to your attention the brand new Schwarzkopf Blondme Bond Enforcing Premium Clay Lightener!

With the desire for personalised blonde hair tones becoming bigger than ever, this new product is expertly designed for creating exceptional balayage results.

Take a look at some more information below…

What is Blondme Bond Enforcing Premium Clay Lightener?

The new Schwarzkopf Blondme Clay Lightener is here to help you deal with the growing demand for balayage hair from clients. Balayage is huge in popularity right now, with the #balayage having been used a staggering 15 million times!

Today, clients have a wide range of needs when it comes to lightening their hair. Multi-tonal, natural looking and freehand techniques are setting a higher than ever standard. This new wave of blonde hair colouring means new products are needed to produce the best results. This is where Schwarzkopf’s clay lightener comes in!

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What makes it so different?

The Blondme Clay Lightener allows you to create free-hand blonde looks easier, faster and more efficiently than ever before.

How does it do this? Its unique soft-to-solid clay formula allows for highly precise application that spreads easily and lightens powerfully..

No Foils!
No Mess!
No Problem!

Once applied, a hard outer shell encases the product, which allows the lightener to stay moist inside, while lifting the colour and enforcing strong structural bonds. It can lift up to 7 levels and can be used with regular Blondme premium developers.

Find out how to create stunning balayage with Schwarzkopf clay lightener in the video below…

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Here is what Blondme Global Ambassador, Jack Howard had to say about Schwarzkopf Blondme Clay Lightener…

“Blonde is not always platinum; a blonde is many different levels and can mean many different things and what is really important is to figure out with your colorist what kind of blonde you are and whether or not the kind of blonde you want to be is a blonde that you can actually afford to be.”

“I love the fact that BLONDME is dedicated to blondes only and the fact that it’s the only range out there a colour house that is dedicated to blondes […] Condition is always paramount to blonde and so its super exciting to work with a product that is really looking after the health of the hair as well as making you the best blonde you can be.”

So, if you are looking for a way to step up your blonde hair colouring game, why not give the market’s first clay lightener a try?

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