Nioxin Scalp RenewA salon – only dermabrasion service and take-home treatment designed to help regenerate the scalp surface and reduce hair loss by 54%*

*Average reduction in hair loss due to breakage and environmental factors.

In-salon dermabrasion treatment treatment

A facial for the scalp, salon dermabrasion treatment designed for professional use.

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This cosmetic treatment accelerates the removal of stubborn scalp debris and follicle build-up, such as dead skin cells and excessive sebum. Helps restore the scalp to good condition, by accelerating skin surface regeneration through exfoliation. Suitable for men and women, on both natural and chemically treated hair.


Recommend to clients every 30-45 days. Apply to a dry scalp in a grid-like pattern, massage in for just one minute. Leave on for ten minutes , before rinsing well and following with the appropriate 3-part system kit.

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Step 1: On dry, unwashed hair, apply a thin line of Scalp Renew to the entire hairline.

Step 2: Working in a grid-like pattern apply throughout the head.

Step 3: Distribute through the scalp using circular movements without pressure.

Step 4: Begin DERMABRASION SCALP RENEW, placing the fingertips above the ears and working in an upward circular motion from the from the front hairline to the back of the head.

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Step 5: Supporting the head, start at the nape. Work back and forth towards the crown in small, upward circular movements with moderate pressure.

Step 6: Slide hands towards the front hairline, applying medium pressure and massaging the pressure points.

Step 7: Use large circular movements to sweep over the scalp from the front to the back of the head. Move gently down the neck to rest on the shoulders. Squeeze to finish the massage.

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