Learn everything you need to know about Orly Epix here. We’ve rounded up some of your FAQ’s..

1. What is a Flexible Color System?

Flexible Color System is a brand-new category brought to you by ORLY. This next generation of nail color provides extended wear, easy removal and contains shock-absorbing polymers that allow the finish of the manicure to bounce back, helping prevent smudges and dents. The formula remains elastic and flexes with the nail until completely dry for chip-resistant wear.

2. What’s the difference between Flexible Color and EPIX?

Flexible Color System is the name of a new category. Flexible Color is the next evolution of nail color, in-between a gel and nail lacquer with easy application and removal that naturally cures with an ambient light. ORLY EPIX is the name of the product in the Flexible Color category. EPIX offers 36 new shades in this revolutionary long wearing, Smudge-Fixing formula plus Flexible Sealcoat to lock in your color.

3. What is Flexible Sealcoat?

Flexible Sealcoat synergizes with the color coat to create a strong, flexible layer while creating a seal around the edges of the nail. Like a topcoat, Sealcoat locks in your Flexible Color for longer wear and high-shine.

4. What does EPIX do?

EPIX Flexible Color System wears up to a week and easily removes, just like a traditional nail lacquer. With EPIX, long dry times and smudged nails are a thing of the past, drying in less than 8 minutes when exposed to natural/ambient light. The EPIX Flexible Color formula contains flexible polymers that self-level and self-correct.

5. What makes the EPIX formula unique?

In addition to its innovative Smudge Fixing formula, EPIX Flexible Color and Sealcoat fuse together to create a durable, high-shine finish that doubles the duration of your manicure. No lamp or soakoff removal needed.

6. Is EPIX a gel?

EPIX is not a gel. EPIX Flexible Color contains a different photo initiator that cures the formula and continues to harden over time. Like a gel, the formula is self-leveling and delivers a longlasting, durable, high-shine finish. EPIX can be easily applied and removed like a traditional lacquer eliminating the need for a UV/LED lamp for drying or a soak-off removal.

7. What’s the difference between EPIX Flexible Color and traditional nail lacquer?

With traditional lacquer the solvents evaporate to dry the formula. EPIX Flexible Color was formulated with light reactive materials which cure with ambient light. EPIX Flexible Color is a proprietary blend of nail lacquer and gel-like component which is why the formula must be packaged in an opaque bottle. FLEXIBLE COLOR

8. What’s the difference between other 2-step hybrid systems to EPIX?

Other 2-step hybrid systems are a completely different formula from the EPIX Flexible Color System. Other 2-step systems technology is in the Topcoat formulation, with the color coat remaining a traditional lacquer. EPIX Flexible Color’s innovative technology is from the synergy between the Flexible Color and Flexible Sealcoat.

9. What is the consistency of EPIX?

The consistency of EPIX Flexible Color is a thicker viscosity than a traditional lacquer due to the polymers in the formula that create the flexible finish.

10. Can I use the EPIX Sealcoat with any nail lacquer?

No. EPIX Sealcoat is not formulated to work with traditional lacquer. EPIX Flexible Color and Sealcoat work as a system and fuse together to create a strong, long-lasting, high-shine finish.

11. Why does the EPIX have a peppery scent?

EPIX Flexible Color may have a peppery scent that lasts for a short period of time after application. This will fade as you wash your hands. The smell is contributed to the photo initiator in the EPIX formula.

12. Why don’t I need a basecoat?

Due to the advanced technology of EPIX Flexible Color, the adhesion properties are found in the Color and Sealcoat, eliminating the need for a basecoat.

13. Can you create nail art using EPIX?

Yes. Like traditional nail lacquer, apply nail art using EPIX Flexible Color, then follow with Flexible Sealcoat to lock in your design.

14. Does EPIX need to be mixed or shaken before use?

We recommend to roll the bottles before applying EPIX Flexible Color to ensure the pigment has dispersed evenly. There is no need to shake/roll Sealcoat since it does not contain pigments.

15. Do you need a LED or UV lamp to cure/dry?

No UV/LED lamp is needed to cure or dry.

16. How long does it take until it’s completely dry?

The official surface dry time is less than 8 minutes for a manicure. However depending on application of product (thin or thick), it may vary slightly. Also, certain pigments may need more time to dry.

17. What makes EPIX Flexible Color dry or cure?

The natural surrounding UV (ambient light) allows the photo initiator to begin the process of drying/ curing.

18. Does a fan help to dry quicker?

No, a fan does not accelerate the drying time since it’s the wave length in the photo initiator that activates the process.

19. How long does it take until you can wear shoes after receiving an EPIX Flexible Color Pedicure service?

Like any pedicure service, it’s best to wait as long as possible before wearing closed-toed shoes. We recommend at least 30 minutes until closed-toed shoes can be worn.

20. Can I use quick-dry drops to accelerate the dry time?

Quick-dry drops are not recommended to be used in conjunction with EPIX Flexible Color System. The ingredients in the quick-dry drops can interfere with the curing process of the formula and may delay the drying time.

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