We’ve taken a look back over some of our favourite red carpet hairstyles. Looking at Adele and Jennifer Lawrence in the 2013 Oscars we have some real HAIR ENVY! We’ve detailed a quick few steps on how to create these red carpet styles on your clients.


Adele’s continuing success showed no signs of stopping as she picked up an Oscar for her theme song for Skyfall. The Essex girl looked the part too with her trademark retro style!


Follow these 5 steps to get Adele’s look:

1. Towel dry wet hair, remove excess moisture and apply volumizing spray on the mid-lengths and ends.

2. Flip over the hair and blast it with a blow dryer to create lift at the roots

3. When hair is dry, smooth with a round brush before sectioning into quarters then curl with a medium to large curling iron.

4. Set in rollers, when cooled brush through with a bristle brush, after this repeat for the three remaining sections then finish curling by pinning each section into a barrel curl with a sectioning clip before allowing to cool.

5. Complete the look by removing sectioning clips and gently tousling the hair. Then pull the hair back, tease the crown and secure pieces together at the back of the head. Leave down two small sections of the hair to frame the face, apply hair spray and voila!

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence’s dress, Oscar win and gorgeous updo turned heads at the Oscars.

Jennifer Lawrence

Follow these 5 steps to get Jennifers’ look:

1. Apply a few drops of anti-frizz to damp hair and comb through.

2. Add a large dollop of mousse and blow dry and brush.

3. Apply shine serum and then take random pieces from each side, loosely twisting and pinning together with bobby pins.

4. Finally, gather the remaining hair into a bun. Be careful not to make the bun too tight as you want it to look loose and playful.

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