Every hair stylist has their favourite choice of professional brushes and combs. After all, along with your hairdressing scissors, your cutting comb can make the difference between a good haircut and a great haircut!

How to Choose the Right Hair Cutting Comb

There is no one-size-fits-all product when it comes to choosing the best cutting comb.

As most hairdressers and stylists already know, different combs are needed to suit different hair types. Similarly, different types of combs produce different types of finish, so having a good selection on-hand to suit any client who walks through the door is essential.

For example, thick or curly hair might create too much tension on a fine tooth comb, so wider teeth will be needed than for a client with straight hair.

Similarly, a fine tooth comb helps create a sharper, more defined line, while a wider tooth comb is better for softer looks.

Either way, you need to make sure you have a high quality comb that glides through the hair without snagging or causing any other discomfort to your client, while still giving you the grip you need.

Lotus Linea Professional Cutting Comb




This Lotus Linea Professional Cutting Comb is manufactured with a special anti-static material, it is unbreakable and heat resistant.

YS Park Professional Cutting Combs

YS Park has a fantastic selection of cutting combs for hairdressers. Believing that one size does not fit all, each of their products has been expertly designed to suit specific needs – whether that be cutting, teasing or styling. They are all made from high-grade heat tolerant material, with ridged spines for easy handling.

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YS Park G39 Basic Fine Cutting Comb



The YS Park G39 cutting comb is popular with all levels of hairdressing ability – from beginners to seasoned stylists. Easy to hold and with a parting-head tooth to allow for quick sectioning, it also comes with a length guide. This helps when consulting with clients on how much length they would like to lose.

Extra long versions are also available – plus a choice of colour options.

YS Park 338 Quick Cutting Round Tooth Grip Comb



This round tooth comb creates less tension in the hair, so is ideal for a looser, more natural looking finish. It’s extra-long teeth and enlarged grip also helps prevent the hair slipping around, allowing you to focus on the cut.

YS Park 254 Superflex Tapered Barbering Comb

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For barbers, the YS Park Superflex Tapered Barbering Comb is fantastic. The highly tapered shape, flat tips and soft feel mean you can cut as close to the head as possible. We also love the sleek carbon black colour, which looks great in any barbershop.

Matador Professional Cutting Combs

Along with their industry-leading hairdressing gloves, the professional salon brand Matador also produces excellent quality barber combs. All made with anti-static properties, they glide effortlessly through the hair and across the scalp without scratching.

Made in Austria, all Matador combs are saw cut for ultimate precision, while the hard rubber promises it won’t let you down for a very long time.

Matador MC42 Large Military Black Comb

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Designed specifically with barbers needs in mind, this bestselling comb is durable and helps produce a top quality finish for clients. The flat edges have been created to massage the scalp, while the classic design gives off a brilliant professional look.

Matador MC1 Master Barber Comb

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For those tricky tapers, the Matador MC1 comb is ideal. It’s trusted by many barbers for trimming short hair around the ears and nape of the neck, whether being used with scissors or professional hair clippers.

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