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Ask The Expert : Aimee Link

In this edition of ‘Ask The Expert,‘ we catch up with Aimee Link, the professional nail technician behind the Instagram account @allnailss. Here, Aimee discusses her role as a Glitterbels ambassador, as well as her favourite nail tools and products….

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Ask the Expert: Hollie Barker

Glossify has just launched one of their best collections to date. We’re beyond proud to introduce the Hollie Barker Collection, now available at Salons Direct! This incredible collaborative collection understands that when it comes to nudes, it isn’t a one…

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Ask the Expert: Dom Seeley

With over 70 major beauty awards, Color Wow is certainly no slouch when it comes to creating outstanding hair products that are much sought after by salon owners. To find out just what makes Color Wow so successful, we spoke…

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