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Beauty, Hair

Your funny salon stories!

Take a break and enjoy your funny salon tales! We asked you to send us some of your funny stories on social media and we’ve put together our top 5 answers for you to have a giggle at! Enjoy! 1)…

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Our Favourite Jaguar Scissors Competition Entries!

Thank you for everyone who entered our Jaguar Competition by telling us their proudest moment in the industry, especially Heather Unsworth whose heart warming story won her a pair of Jaguar Diamond E Night¬†Scissors. After reading our favourite entries, don’t…

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Salon Management

Dealing with difficult clients

As much as we’d all love to tell difficult clients to STAY AWAY, sadly good business sense means we have to grin and bear it. A lot of the time though, if your client isn’t happy, maybe there’s things your…

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Hair, Students

Preparing for your first hairdressing interview

How to prepare for your first hairdressing interview It sounds obvious, but the main thing that potential employers look for when hiring student hairdressers is the passion to succeed. Being enthusiastic and showing your willingness to learn in the interview…

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Hair, Students

Choosing your Hairdressing Scissors

They are perhaps the most basic tool of hairdressing trade, but to a hairdresser choosing a pair of hairdressing scissors that’s “right” for you is always a big decision. In fact, many stylists have several pairs of scissors that are…

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