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Preparing for your first hairdressing interview

How to prepare for your first hairdressing interview It sounds obvious, but the main thing that potential employers look for when hiring student hairdressers is the passion to succeed. Being enthusiastic and showing your willingness to learn in the interview…

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Hair, Students

Choosing your Hairdressing Scissors

They are perhaps the most basic tool of hairdressing trade, but to a hairdresser choosing a pair of hairdressing scissors that’s “right” for you is always a big decision. In fact, many stylists have several pairs of scissors that are…

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How to create Celebrity Hairstyles

We’ve taken a look back over some of our favourite red carpet hairstyles. Looking at Adele and Jennifer Lawrence in the 2013 Oscars we have some real HAIR ENVY! We’ve detailed a quick few steps on how to create these…

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What Men Want – Male Grooming!

Think the salon is a female only domain? Think again. Research has shown that the average British male thinks nothing of attending a salon at least once a month. This means there is a massive untapped market. As it becomes…

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Nail Fact File

Filing and buffing may be among the simplest skills a nail tech learns, but they’re some of the most crucial. Use our guide below to top up on essential knowledge and learn some new tips and tricks! The Basics Filing…

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