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Offering The Best Aftercare for Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails remain a firm favourite in nail grooming, but making sure you are providing good aftercare advice is what will help keep your clients regular. Being a lady of leisure is purely justified by your acrylic nails. Knocking your…

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Hair, Hair Colour

So you’re going grey?

So you’re going grey? Well whether you’re 18 or 80 it happens to us all ‚Äì so instead of focusing on the negatives let’s look at the facts! Grey Hair Texture The cause of grey hair comes from the hair…

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It’s a guy thing…

Research has shown that two thirds of salons in the UK have reported an increase in their male clients in the past year. Men’s awareness of the grooming industry has surged in recent years thanks to the exposure of the…

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Salons Direct

Victory for Salons Direct

At the end of November, Salons Direct attended the prestigious ‘Social Buzz Awards’ at the Emirates Stadium, London. We are delighted to tell everyone that we have won the award for “Best Social Media Campaign in Business to Business Sector” for…

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Salon Marketing

Pinterest for Salons

Pinterest has caused a massive buzz in the digital world, and rightly so. As well as becoming the fastest growing social network in history it is becoming a must for businesses, especially those in the hair and beauty industry. This…

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