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Beauty, Product Reviews

Wow your Brows!

It is said that our eyebrows frame our eyes, and that our eyes are the windows to our souls. So what happens when a person’s eyebrows leave much to be desired!? We all long for a set of perfectly shaped…

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The History of Barbering!

Originating from the Latin term ‘barba’ which translates to beard, Barbering is an ancient tradition, which is thought to of originated 3500 b.c. Although no one understands the complete history of Barbering, it does make for an interesting story, in…

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Salon Furniture

How Salon Furniture Affects Profits?

Making sure you get the right furniture in your salon is important. Your furniture and decor not only set your salon’s identity, atmosphere and ambience; it can also impact on revenue generation too. Salon Furniture can do wonders in attracting new…

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Salon Management

10 ways to motivate your staff

Understanding how to motivate your staff can sometimes be a tough job, especially when your salon is hectic! Introduce these inspiring strategies in your workplace, and boost your team productivity. 1. Decision Time Involving your team in decision making will…

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Faking It – Tanning Lotion Tips!

We all know it’s possible to provide a smooth all over fake tan without using spray tans, it just takes that bit more care. This article aims to give you a helping hand when faking your client‚Äôs tans with tanning…

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Words from our Winner!

Following a magnificent 1st and 2nd place win for Lyndsay Hughes in our recent Facebook competition, we asked her to tell us how she created each look… “Hi, I’m Lyndsay Hughes, I’m 26 and live in Galway in Ireland, where…

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