Does your salon offer treatments for pregnant clients? If not maybe you should, after all, pregnancy is a time in which women become more open to a little pampering and TLC. What’s more, with 720,000 babies born in the UK last year alone, expecting mums can provide a vast pool of potential new clients for salons and therapists. By providing treatments that alleviate the aches, pains and psychological woes unique to pregnancy, you are in a great position to build an on-going relationship with the client that could last well beyond her pregnancy.


What sort of treatments should you offer?

As the first trimester of pregnancy (14 weeks) is an extremely vulnerable time for pregnant women, it is advisable to avoid providing any treatments until the second trimester has begun. As well as erring on the side of caution, waiting until the second trimester will mean that your clients, as well as blossoming and blooming, will have begun to suffer from common pregnancy ailments such as back ache and muscular tension and will be in need of your help.

As a salon or therapist, your goal when treating pregnant clients should be to take their mind off the stresses of pregnancy. With all their aches and pains, pampering treatments such as Indian head massages, back massages and pedicures are a sure fire winner.

As well as making your client feel great, massages are wonderful for relieving tension and encouraging your client’s body to learn to cope with the strains of pregnancy. The endorphins released during a massage will aid pain relief as well as helping your client to relax and relieve themselves of any stress. If you do decide to offer massages to your child bearing clients, it is advisable to treat clients on their side so as not to put undue pressure on the client’s spine. Also, do not be afraid to apply pressure, it is common for pregnant women to feel that their therapist was fearful of doing so even though this felt good for the client.

Pedicures are also a real treat for pregnant women. We asked our Facebook fans what treatments their pregnant clients enjoy most; we found that pedicures received an overwhelming response. Indulging in a pampering pedicure session can not only lift a pregnant client’s mood but also self-esteem. As our fan, Juliet Bain tell us‚ “pregnant ladies love pedicures, their poor feet are carrying all that extra weight round and most of them are too pregnant to get down to their feet and sort them out themselves.”