Sophisticated technology is no longer surprising. It has become normal. Even styles that were once rebellious are now accepted. But from the past what used to be an ordinary part of the everyday: like a woven basket, a hand-baked bread or a plain white tshirt have become rare, desirable objects. Treasured for their jumble directness and craftsmanship.

The Trend
Hand-crafted aesthetics define a new emotionality in beauty and hair. Where a seemingly random flaw, leaves the fingerprints of the creator. Over-groomed perfection is over. Instead, looks are daringly normal: honest and uncomplicated, comfortable and effortlessly you.

A new soft simplicty in cut creates the perfect canvas for colour and styling to celebrate the beauty of imperfection. Rediscovered techniques are combined with the latest innovative products and services for Past Forward looks. This gives a new edge to the concept of beauty – from reduced to expressive but always true to you.

See the light: Within the looks we create a deliberate random play of light and dark, soft and dense colour. In synergy with cut, style and texture.

Your clients will love their uber authentic colour results and the elevation of their beauty through Premium Colour Services – enhancing their skin, face shape and personality. Illumina Color accentuates every type of cut and texture that lives in the New Norm world. While providing irresistable hair quality.