How to prepare for your first hairdressing interview

It sounds obvious, but the main thing that potential employers look for when hiring student hairdressers is the passion to succeed. Being enthusiastic and showing your willingness to learn in the interview will always put you in a good position with a new employer – and if you can provide real life examples of work you’ve done to support your interview answers, even better!

Always make sure you do your research on the company you are applying to before the hairdressing interview – many salons now have their own website or social media pages so it’s easier than ever. Nothing looks worse than a candidate who hasn’t researched the salon before their interview!

Practise your answers to potential questions with friends and family – you should expect to be asked about your behaviour in the salon, for example how you would greet a client when they first come into the salon, how you would introduce yourself and what questions you might ask them.

At the end of the hairdressing interview you might be asked if you have any questions. The obvious one to ask is about career progression and what opportunities might be available to you. You could also ask about working hours, and what kind of training you will be given.

What to expect during a practical test

You may be asked to complete a practical test during your interview, this is to give the employer an idea of your flair, taste and personal style, and how much training you would need to bring you up to their standard.

This is where preparation is key – make sure the models you choose are reliable, have the right hair type, and above all, will show off your work to the best of its advantage.

What do employers look for in a candidate in their first hairdressing interview?

Here’s what some of our Facebook fans had to say:

  • On time, well dressed, friendly and leave the parents/best friend behind!
  • Well presented. Confidence but not cockiness. And a good knowledge on the aspects of customer service and hairdressing services.
  • Any job always likes experience, if you’re really keen, do your homework and research the company, this is a career not just a job. Keep a portfolio of what you have done. Offer to demo on a model you provide after hours. And offer a trial time when you could come in for a short period of time to show them you’re willing to commit.
  • I look for passion. I want them to ask me how I can further their career. Although I don’t want them to be over shadowed by having too much confidence and thinking they know it all. We are always learning in our industry and we don’t know everything.
  • Well groomed/dressed, on time, an understanding of the industry, talkative and interested in what you have to say, creativity, and passion for hair.
  • Passion. Enthusiasm. A sense of unique style, someone who wants to give it their everything & is keen to learn.

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