Whether you actually own a hairdressing business, or you work as part of a team in a thriving hair salon, it is very important that when working with clients, you are using best quality professional tools that will also help save you time. Here at Salons Direct, we are always looking to introduce salon professionals to innovative new brands and products that can do just that, because, after all in the hair service industry, time really is money.

Introducing Prism tinting pots and brushes…

Prism pots allow you to write, record and remove your hair colour recipe on the go, this means no more scraps of paper lying around, or desperately trying to remember which colour sequence you used on your client at their last appointment!

When you use Prism pots to record your colours, you can then directly input the colour mix information from the Prism pots onto your salon database so that you’ll always have a record of what colours you used on your client’s hair. And if you don’t have time to do this during your client’s appointment, simply just take a snap of the Prism pot on your phone and input it later!

What’s more, the Prism pot also has an excess tint lip, which allows yourself or one of your assistants to unload excess tint more easily. The Prism pot also has a rubberised base which means it isn’t going anywhere and certainly won’t need to be chased around your workstation or hairdressing trolley.

What about the Prism brushes?

The Prism brushes are dual feathered which means the user can achieve two techniques including the ability to seamlessly blend colour during balayage using the shorter bristles. The longer bristled edge helps the user to bring the colour right up to the root to achieve precise colouring techniques every time. Impressive!

See the Prism pots and brushes in action!

Don’t just take our word for it! See the Prism pots and brushes in action below!

Shop Prism pots and brushes…

Simply click the shopping bag icon to shop Prism pots and brushes at Salons Direct. Choose from two colours hot pink and grey to best suit your vibe!

The Prism Pot Tint Bowl is available as an individual pot or as part of a pack of 4

You can also get the Pretty Precious Pink Prism Pot variant if you want to a pop of pink

The Prism brush in pretty precious pink is also available in Goggle Eyed Grey!


Shop Prism tinting bowls and brushes

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