It’s creative colour season, and Pulp Riot has solved your pain points for creative colour work. With Pulp Riot Semi-Permanent Colours, your creative colour work will blend better, but it is also completely removable, allowing you and your clients to experiment more. 

Here on the Salons Direct blog, we’re taking a deep dive into the key benefits of the Pulp Riot Semi-Permanent Colours whilst taking a look at some fantastic colour work from @GLAM.BY.HEATHER using several colours from the range. 

And if that wasn’t enough, watch a short interview with salon owner Jaymz Marsters and Pulp Riot educator Adam Stockton discussing the benefits of offering semi-permanent creative colour as a service in your salon. 

What sets Pulp Riot Semi-Permanent Colours Apart?

 Pulp Riot Semi-Permanent Colours offers countless benefits to make creative colouring quicker and easier without compromising quality.

  • Pulp Riot Semi-Permanent Colours won’t stain & are removable with Pulp Riot Blank Canvas putting you back in control.
  • They fade true to tone – bye, bye green undertones.
  • The formula is a unique conditioner-based texture that blends better.
  • Pulp Riot’s Semi-Permanent colours will not bleed, so there’s no need to section. They even rinse clear!
  • The formula is 100% vegan and is formulated with quinoa which offers impressive shine to your client’s hair.



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Watch Pulp Riot’s latest interview with salon owner Jaymz Marsters. Jaymz is a creative colour expert for a small town in Norfolk called Downham Market and is based at his salon @the.watt

Watch the interview to hear Jaymz speak about…

  • How he became interested in semi-permanent colour.
  • How he uses social media for marketing his salon.
  • Why he likes semi-permanent colour.
  • How he integrated a semi-permanent colour service into the salon.
  • The perks of using Pulp Riot Semi-Permanent Colours.
  • His top tips for people starting out with creative colour in their salon.


Why I love Pulp Riot Semi-Permanent Hair Colour By @GLAM.BY.HEATHER


I wanted to share with you why I love Pulp Riots semi permanents and why they’re my go-to for creative colours. This is one of my favourite looks that I’ve created.  


As you can see, I’ve incorporated a variety of shades for this pastel rainbow root melt. The hair you can see here is on one of my regular clients Gunda, now Gunda likes to change what we do on every appointment, she loves a creative Colour but in all the years I’ve done her hair we’ve never done the same colour twice.

This is why I like to reach for Pulp Riot, the technology of the semis allows me to create something different each time. The colours fade true to tone and they’re incredibly easy to remove back to a clean canvas ready to start again with their colour remover Blank canvas

So doing a colour like this, I don’t need to worry about a difficult job on the next appointment, the colour has either faded completely for me or it’s quick, easy and safe to remove using Blank Canvas because the colours don’t stain, YES even the blues and greens. 

The consistency of them makes it super easy to blend out even into blonde as I have with this colour. They open up the doors to be able to be as creative as you want without the fear or restrictions of removal. 


Top tips: Don’t overwork the product by rubbing in too much as this can disperse the pigment, make sure to be generous with your application for a gorgeous finish. Rinse in cool water on high pressure to stop the colours from fading and running. 



  • 10g Clear and 5g Cupid 
  • 10g clear 3g lemon 1g Cupid 
  • 10g clear 5g lemon 
  • 10g sea glass 5g clear 5g aquatic 
  • 10g powder 
  • 10g clear 5g velvet 

 Make sure to tag me on Instagram @GLAM.BY.HEATHER the next time you try these out, I love to see your creations.




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