Guest blogger Raymond Bottone, shares his top tips with you about how to promote your salon and bring in the clients this Christmas!

Raymond has worked hard, driven by ambition, passion and good business sense to become a top hair stylist and top entrepreneur, read on to benefit from his experience:

Historically, December is always a good month in terms of revenue but the last few years have forced some of the biggest names in retail to start their sales early due to a lack of income. Some hair salons may have been affected too one way or the other and I’d like to share some of my ideas on how to turn December from a good month to a great month.

1. It’s party time: Over this next 6 weeks people will be partying like there’s no tomorrow, ensure you have a blow-dry/hair up offer clear on your website and perhaps board outside the salon, an email newsletter wouldn’t go amiss either.

2. If you have a future stylist who is superb at blow drying why not get them to accommodate the offer, ensuring your more experienced staff are free for the cuts and colours – make sure you give them an incentive, it’s their chance to pocket some extra money and I’m confident they will learn a great deal from a taster of life on the shop floor.




3. Make sure you’re well stocked up on retail and that your team have an incentive to sell. Try something little more special than just a small percentage of each sale. Perhaps a bottle of fizz or voucher for their favourite store for the top seller (a lump of coal for the least sales?)

4. Your clients need to feel special, why not give them something back for their loyalty through the year? But think about your needs a business, look back at January and February’s takings this year and remember not to discount too much, it not only devalues your product but enters you into the high-street salon price war.

I’d love to share more with you my hairdressers but I feel some comments with your ideas would be great.

If you have any ideas you’d like to share with me personally I’d love to hear from you my email is

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