Recruitment in any industry is time consuming, expensive and can be difficult work, and getting it wrong could spell disaster for you and your team. It makes sense, therefore, that your salon business relies on you recruiting the best talent (and keeping them from your competition). So where should you start advertising?

Social Media

Don’t discount social media as a way of advertising new positions in your salon. If your salon has a Facebook/Twitter profile it is free to post on your wall or profile, and Facebook also gives you the option to pay to promote your post to display it to a wider audience. For a relatively low cost you can appeal to a large audience in seconds! Social media is a great place to start recruiting for your salon, as well as posting on your own website if you have one.

College Noticeboards

If you’re happy to hire a college leaver or someone with little experience (and are prepared to train them up to your standard), then advertising the role on a college noticeboard is a good option. You will have to weigh up the work involved to train a college leaver, however, and whether this would be the most cost effective option for your salon.

Salon Window/Local Press

Putting a poster up in your window is a good option if your salon is on a busy street and has a lot of passing traffic. Alternatively you might want to place an advert in a local newspaper – you’d be surprised how successful these adverts can be for small businesses. Make sure that yours stands out with a good design, and that it’s clear what experience you are looking for in the new recruit.

Trade Magazines/Websites

Websites such as the Hairdresser’s Journal or Beauty Serve are really highly read, both as a source of information for those in the industry, but also for those who are looking for a new role within it too. Advertising on these sites will open promote your role to lots of industry professionals.

Recruitment Agencies/Websites

Recruitment agencies/websites provide a better filtering process and only send you details of candidates which meet your pre-defined criteria. This is a more expensive option (as they will take a finder’s fee based on the candidates salary), but it can be extremely worthwhile to find the right person.

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