Redken is back with another knock-out! Introducing the Redken Blonde & Bond Power Trio. Hairstylists who have a ton of blonde clients – this one is for you. 

The Redken Blonde & Bond Power Trio is a game-changer for blonde hair. The results this regime can deliver are like none other – and it’s great for hair! 

Do you remember how difficult it used to be to reason with clients over lifting their hair safely? Because we do! 

Clients never used to be overly concerned about the potential impacts of lightening treatments – as long as the shade of blonde they wanted was achieved. Now more than ever, clients are increasingly concerned over the healthiness of their hair. Oh, how times have changed, thankfully!

So what can the Redken Blonde & Bond Power Trio do for your clients? Find out with Salons Direct! Read on to discover everything you need to know about the Redken Blonde & Bond Power Trio, along with the new shades that are now available…

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Why you need the Redken Blonde & Bond Power Trio in your salon

Let’s take a look at some statistics. Did you know that damage is not the biggest concern for blonde clients? Which is huge, as 47% of salon colour services are for lightening treatments.​ 

In addition to the above, the whole conversation around achieving and maintaining healthy hair is at an all-time high – with the hashtag #healthyhair up by 64% year on year on Instagram​. 

This just shows that more clients are starting to understand that for hair to look its best, it has to be as healthy as possible! And this is especially true if you’re blonde. 

Blonde clients really do want it all – an incredible salon transformation and the shiny, vibrant, and Insta-worthy healthy-looking hair…​

Redken Blonde & Bond Power Trio 

It’s now easier than ever for hairstylists to help their clients achieve the perfect shade of blonde with our 3-step blonde & bond regime. 

Bond at every step to help protect your blonde client’s strength and significantly reduce breakage – leaving hair looking and feeling irresistibly healthier than ever, with Flash Lift Bonder Inside, Shades EQ Bonder Inside, and Acidic Bonding Concentrate.

The superb power trio helps to reduce breakage by up to 77%, along with successfully combating signs of chemical damage. This will help to maintain hair health, even after a lightening treatment. 

Key benefits to using the power trio include:

  1. Lowers the pH level to seal the cuticle, whilst also adding an incredible shine.
  2. Promotes healthy hair. 
  3. Proven to help strengthen hair bonds during the lightening process. 
  4. True-to-tone. 
  5. Reduces the alkalinity residue after a lightening service.
  6. Balances porosity to ensure easy detangling. 
  7. Balances porosity to ensure an even colour distribution. 

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Directions of use

Step 1 – Flash Lift Bonder Inside 

Do you want to lift your client’s hair and achieve their dream shade of blonde? Is the hair you’re working with fragile? Not to worry. Meet a Redken revolution in lightening, Flash Lift Bonder Inside.

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The Flash Lift Bonder Inside is a super effective lightening powder, with a built-in bonding agent. This incredible lightening powder will help you to both protect the fragile hair bonds during lightening treatment – whilst also achieving up to 8 levels of lift. Yes, eight! 

Perfect your blonding technique with the Flash Lift Bonder Inside, so you can bond while you take your clients blonde! This incredible and innovative formula is powered by a Citric Acid/Glycine complex so that you can ensure full protection of bonds, which will help to reduce breakage significantly. 

We promise that your clients will be astounded by just how healthy their hair looks after a round of bleaching! 

Step 2 – Shades EQ Bonder Inside  

Redken’s iconic Shades EQ just got stronger… now tone and bond in just one step!

Introducing Redken’s first all-in-one, acidic demi-permanent toner, and bonder, with new Shades EQ Bonder Inside. 

Blondes are arguably some of the most demanding clients in the salon. Blonde hair must have added strength and protection throughout every step of lightening techniques – including the toner!

The formula is rich in Citric Acid and Taurine to tone and help protect the strength of sensitised hair in one simple step. The Redken Shades EQ Bonder Inside will deliver an incredibly glossy shine to your client’s hair, along with improving the condition. And you’d best believe that the finish will be completely true-to-tone! 

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“ Shades EQ Bonder Inside left my client’s hair feeling stronger and more conditioned. My clients noticed their hair felt so much better after the service.” – @TIALAMBOURN_HAIR 


Now, for the best part. Are you ready to meet the 12 new blonde and bond shades? Take your work to the next level and discover Redken’s loved reflects. Now with added strength! The new stunning shades available are:

The acidic formula is perfect for sensitised blondes, who love to push the boundaries of blonde. Or alternatively, it’s also perfect for natural hair clients whose priorities are achieving the glossiest and healthiest hair going! 

Tone and successfully transform your client’s colour in a flash. The Shades EQ Bonder Inside collection is super quick and easy to mix – a 1:1 ratio with Shades EQ Processing Solution or Gloss to Gel Developer with no bonding additive required. So it’s now easier than ever to save precious time, as there’s no extra careful mixing or measuring. 

It’s important to remember to always trust the process. We can’t stress this enough. Even if the colour is looking a little dark initially, you need to let it develop for the full 20 minutes to see the full finish. 

So get ready to tone it, seal it, and bond it all in one step with Redken’s iconic gloss and toner!

Have questions? See the FAQ’s below.

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Step 3 – Acidic Concentrate Haircare System

What if it was possible to be able to deliver a fantastic in-house salon finish, and be able to offer a take-home regimen that will instantly transform the appearance of dry, damaged hair – that could also lock in that salon-fresh colour for longer? Well, now you can! 

The brand new acidic concentrate haircare system. Redken’s most powerful all-in-one take-home hair care regimen and customisable back bar service – offering multiple benefits for all hair types and textures. 

Your clients will be left with hair that looks and feels irresistibly healthy. Smoothness, softness, silkiness, and a flawless Insta-worthy shine are all achievable when using this take-home regimen. The perfect retail opportunity for clients who want it all!

To perfectly complement a Shades EQ Bonder Inside gloss service and maintain that irresistible shine, we recommend using Redken’s new Acidic Concentrate as a part of your back bar service. This 3-step back bar system really is super easy to do, specially designed to be able to offer professionals a fast, salon standard alternative hair care service.

As you’ll know, there are 3 key building blocks of truly healthy hair. These are protein, moisture, and pH balance. When used all together, the New Acidic Concentrate Backbar service can visibly reduce the appearance of surface damage after just one use. 

How to use our Acidic Concentrate Haircare System

Step 1

Firstly, start with thoroughly assessing the overall health of your client’s hair. You’ll need to know what you’re working with, so identify what they need. That could be more protein, or more moisture – or both! 

Step 2

Next, apply up to 15ml of the Acidic Protein Amino Concentrate to help strengthen the hair, then layer with up to 15ml of the Acidic Moisture Concentrate to help replenish the hair’s moisture. The total formula should not exceed 30ml

Leave on for 5 minutes – but do not rinse!

Step 3

Lastly, finish with 10-15 pumps of the Acidic pH sealer. This will help to balance the pH levels in the hair and seal the cuticle – for a smooth finish and long-lasting results! Leave on for 1 minute, rinse out, and style as desired!

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“ABC is the perfect combo with the ABC range for hair feeling so dreamy” – @hairbyandrewthomasjones

For clients wanting to maintain the healthiest looking hair at home, New Acidic Bonding Concentrate is an advanced, award-winning all-in-one concentrated take-home hair care regimen. 

The New Acidic Bonding Concentrate’s formula is rich in Citric Acid Complex – for intense conditioning, reduction of breakage, and also colour fade protection. Perfect for all clients and processed hair types, who go through multiple salon services such as colour, lightening, and heat styling.

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This powerful regimen consists of three concentrated products: Acidic Bonding Concentrate shampoo and conditioner system and Acidic Perfecting Concentrate Leave-In Treatment. When used together, the regimen offers 10 powerful benefits that allow for a stunning hair transformation. These include:


We understand you may have a few questions about Shades EQ Bonder Inside so, here are some frequently asked questions to help you gain a better understanding of the application process, versatility, and how much of a game-changer Shades EQ Bonder Inside really is.


A – Yes, you can mix the two technologies together, however, the bonding effect will be diminished. 


A – The processing time for the Shades EQ Bonder Inside shades is the same as the existing Shades EQ Gloss palette. Shades EQ Bonder Inside should always be processed for 20 minutes at room temperature on dry hair. 


A – Shades EQ Bonder Inside is mixed following the same mixing and processing directions as the existing Shades EQ Gloss palette. Mix in a 1:1 ratio using Shades EQ Processing Solution or Gloss to Gel Processing Solution.

We hope you enjoyed learning about the Redken Blonde & Bond Power Trio! We’re so happy to say that all three of these incredible collections are available at Salons Direct – so be prepared and stock up for your salon today.

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