One of our bestselling product lines has undergone quite a transformation. We’re beyond excited to spread the word far and wide across the hair industry! 

Salons Direct is happy to introduce you to the new and improved Redken! As you know, Redken has built its reputation on scientifically proven hair care formulas, providing salon professionals with proven results time and time again. 

A brand that’s suitable for all hair types, Redken is back better than ever. Read on for more details on the new pro packaging from Redken…

Redken new packaging

Has the formula changed?

Don’t worry. Redken’s iconic formulas aren’t changing, so you’ll still be working with what you know and love. The transformation is all in the new pro packaging.

The new Redken packaging is designed to reflect a scientific beaker, and each pack also includes clear regimen navigation. This includes product benefits along with what hair type it’s designed for. The pro packaging also allows practitioners to read what ingredients every product holds, along with a pH balanced formula call out.

Sustainable packaging 

Redken understands that taking steps forward to become more eco-friendly is important, and their new pro packaging reflects this core value. 

All new packaging includes braille on the back and the shampoo and conditioner bottles are now made of 93%- 100% recycled plastic. The retail size conditioners are now 300ml to match the shampoos – so practitioners are now getting an extra 50ml with every purchase!  

Discover the Redken haircare difference 

The featured ingredients provide the proven efficacy and prescriptive benefits found in every Redken product. When you’re using Redken, your clients will reap all the benefits each product has to offer. 

A unique concentration 

Redken products have a tailored formula and concentration of ingredients that’ll help you to protect and strengthen hair. Depending on what product you use, the formula will help you to effectively achieve the finish that your client wants. 

pH balanced formulas 

Salon professionals know that healthy hair lives at a pH of 4.5-5.5, which is in the acidic zone. This is important to maintain as it’ll help to avoid any unwanted frizz, dryness, or breakage. 

Redken’s unique formulas are optimised with a balanced pH so that you can maintain the integrity of the hair, leaving your clients with a radiant shine that is smooth to the touch. 

Meet the Redken haircare icons

Now that Redken has undergone a style revamp, you might not recognise some of your staple products! It’s time to get you reacquainted with the Redken haircare icons.  

Color Extend 

Discover Redken Color Extend Collection, the perfect professional solution to promote and enhance long-lasting colour, whilst also toning brassy hair! 

Color Extend Magnetics is the perfect range to maintain your client’s colour vibrancy and radiance in between salon visits. This range helps to form a seal to lock in that vibrant salon colour your clients love. 

 Color Extend Blondage is the perfect purple-pigmented toning haircare system. The formula includes a triple acid protein complex that’ll tone and strengthen your client’s hair. Color Extend Blondage also brightens hair, leaving a stronger and brighter blonde finish. 

Color Extend Graydiant is a strong anti-yellow toning shampoo and silver conditioner duo. The formula contains amino acids that tone, nourish and strengthen hair – leaving your client with bright and supple hair. Perfect for silver hair or blondes, this duo will leave hair up to 2x stronger.  

Color Extend Brownlights is the perfect solution for your brunette clients. Color Extend Brownlights is a powerful haircare system with pure blue pigment and progressive colour deposit technology. If you’re looking for a product range that’ll tone and neutralise warmth whilst prolonging existing cool tones – this will work wonders!

Redken Extreme 

Address all types of hair damage and breakage with Redken Extreme, a salon favourite for damaged hair. Discover the iconic, award-winning Redken Extreme range. 

The range is powered by 60 years of protein science to address five types of damage including breakage, split ends, mechanical, chemical, and everyday stress. Redken Extreme contains an RCT protein complex, with three proteins to treat hair at the root, core, and tips. 

The range gently cleanses and fortifies weakened and damaged hair to help prevent breakage and split ends, leaving your client’s hair with protection and a healthy-looking shine.

Redken’s Extreme Length is ideal for any client that wants to grow their hair longer. Formulated with Biotin, Castor Oil, and Soy Protein – Redken Extreme Length is a strengthening hair care system that fortifies hair and reduces breakage. This will help your clients to achieve their maximum hair length goals.

Redken’s Extreme Bleach is the ultimate haircare range for clients who have bleached and damaged hair. A gentle, fortifying range with Lamellar and Cica technology, formulated specifically for fragile hair. The range helps to combat damage and dryness at the cuticle level and restore softness from one bleach service to the next.

Redken All Soft and All Soft Mega

Redken’s All Soft and All Soft Mega regimen – the professional solution to moisturise and nourish dry hair. If you have clients experiencing dry and puffy hair then the All Soft and All Soft Mega range is the solution!

All of the Redken All Soft range is infused with concentrated Argan oil + Moisture Complex to provide phenols that support and strengthen hair follicles. The range also helps to replenish hair to achieve that intense and buttery soft finish your clients love. 

Argan oil is a silicone-based oil, meaning its molecular size allows the oil to be added to formulas that treat the hair, softening and moisturising it without adding greasy texture to the hair. 

Redken’s All Soft Mega range contains a Superfood-Nutri-Complex – a blend of cactus extract, aloe vera, and sacha inchi oil. This delivers intense nourishment and instant replenishment to clients who have severely dry hair. 

Redken Frizz Dismiss 

Redken Frizz Dismiss is the professional’s dream solution to combat frizzy hair. The range also contains sustainably sourced Babassu Oil.

Frizz Dismiss nourishes, softens, and conditions hair, whilst also providing frizz protection for all hair types. The gentle system smooths unmanageable hair for an instant client hair transformation.

Redken Volume Injection 

The perfect solution for your clients with fine and flat hair who are looking for that extra oomph! 

Redken’s Volume Injection range delivers a volume-boosting blend of siloxane and softening polymers to create brilliant root lift and body. It’s the perfect combination for clients looking to create head-turning hair this summer… 

Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate 

Redken’s new Acidic Bonding Concentrate Haircare regimen is an advanced three-step system with powerful benefits that are designed to transform the appearance of processed hair. 

Ideal for all hair types and textures, the range has concentrated pH balanced formulas with Citric Acid Care Complex. This will give your clients intense conditioning, reduced breakage, and colour fade protection. 

The three-step system will leave your client with instantly silkier, stronger, and smoother hair.

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