After any particularly busy period in your salon – whether that be party season, wedding season or any other event that draws your clients in – you may have noticed some of your hairdressing tools looking a little worse for wear!

If so, this could be a good time to refresh your supplies – and, it needn’t be expensive!

Here at Salons Direct, we have a fantastic range of good quality yet cheap hairdressing accessories that may be small, but are essential to the smooth running of your daily appointments.

Things like section clips, capes, tint brushes and spray bottles can all slip under the radar. While they’re not the most exciting purchase to make, keeping your supplies fully stocked ensures you’re never left without those vital bits of kit.

Do you need to stock up on any of these cheap hairdressing accessories?…

Clips, Grips & Elastics

No hairdresser should be caught out without enough hair clips! Unfortunately, they are also all too easy to get lost, broken or just worn out. Luckily at Salons Direct, you can stock up on our packs of 4 black sectioning clips for just 95p or our packs of 12 hair clamps for just £1.45!

For thicker hair or a firmer grip, you also can’t go wrong with our Jumbo Jaw Clips 4 Pack priced at just £1.80 – they are durable, slip resistant and won’t leave any dents in the hair.

Tint Bowls and Brushes

When it comes to hair colouring nothing is worse broken tint bowls and worn out brushes. Why not stock up now on a few back ups? Our Click and Connect Tinting Bowls are excellent value for money at just £1.00 each. Perfect for working with multiple colours, they quickly clip together for easy usage.

Alternatively, our cheapest Tinting Bowl With Handle is just 95p and made out of reliable and sturdy material.

Along with your tint bowls, why not stock up on a few handy tint brushes too? At just 50p each our Tinting Brush and Mini Tinting Brush are suitable for both foiling and perming, and are always good to have on hand.

Finally, for mixing colours, tints and hair toners up quickly and thoroughly, add our pack of 6 mixing whisks to your order. Priced at just £2.50 these are ideal for all hair colourists.

Water Spray Bottles

Running short on water spray bottles? Getting your supply up to scratch is easy with our Round Water Spray Bottle, which is amazing value at just £1.95. For barbers, our small and lightweight Slim Barbers Spray Bottle is ideal for quick and easy hair styling too and is priced at just £1.20.

Looking for more cheap hairdressing tools? See all of our Salons Direct Hair & Beauty Essentials here – low prices on everything!


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