Butchers Salon in Hackney

For this month’s Salon Design of the Month, we’re taking a look at the super cool Butchers, based in Hackney in London. The team at Butchers really believe in the power of good hairdressing, and here we chat with them about the stunning aesthetic of their salon, their eco-friendly ethos, and their advice for others wanting to open a salon of their own.

Tell us more about how Butchers Salon started?

Katie and I met a few years ago in the previous salon we worked at, instantly clicked and had the same vision of what our ideal salon would be. All it took was one drunken text suggesting we open a place together. Low and behold, here we are.

How do Butchers stand out from its competitors, especially in the LDN market?

We wanted to design a creative hub, somewhere that is unpretentious, friendly and where we can not only give good hair but where people can completely relax and want to hang out. It’s really important to us that we are completely eco-friendly and work with natural products, which is why we use Aveda.

Butchers Salon in Hackney, London

How did you decide upon the aesthetic of the salon? What inspired you?

We knew we wanted to go for an industrial style but not in a sterile brutal way. So, we chose to have concrete look as a base and we added all the nature we could on top. We have plants, living and breathing, all over the salon and all our stations and furniture are made of wood with their natural features exposed. It creates the perfect balance of organic and minimal.

Tell us more about the eco-friendly side to your business?

It was always very important to us to have a reduced environmental impact and from the get go we decided that the salon can and must uphold that same principal. We strive to recycle everything we can, and using Aveda products in itself takes us a long way because everything they do is recyclable. However it isn’t just the packaging, but also the way the products are produced and sourced, and taking part in their campaigns for charity such as the Aveda Earth Month every April in partnership with WaterAid.

Another thing we do is use biodegradable towels made to have zero impact on our surroundings and to save the immensity of water required by anyone trying to wash them otherwise. It may not be the easy route to managing a salon but that is the Butchers way.

How does Butchers Salon keep up to date with the latest trends within the industry?

The easiest way is to stay ahead and set the trends yourself. We can try and chase any trend but being in London the trends are exponential, from breaking with the old to reinventing classics. We love when clients come in with fresh ideas and questioning the boundaries of what we can do or when they want the best natural look, but most of it happens casually and we are not driven by a chase of breaking the norm.

Butchers salon in Hackney, London

What do you think makes a successful salon?

An amazing team. Butchers wouldn’t be what it is if it weren’t for the people in it. This is where each and every one of us chose to work and the result is the collection of all the personalities and ideas coexisting in one space. The clients experience that every time they are in and is what brings them back again and again.

What is Butchers Salons’ biggest achievement to date?

When we were named one of the best salons in London in Harper’s Bazaar, the review was amazing and we were so excited for the recognition of our work.

We feel immensely proud of what we have been able to achieve so far and how much we have grown and being able to give other talented individuals the chance to share in our vision and contribute to it. It’s as simple as watching something you love grow strong.

Butchers Salon in Hackney, London

What advice can you give to other salon owners wanting to open a salon?

First find yourself a good business partner to share the experience with and be each other’s strength. Once you have that person that shares your vision and is with you 100% you can start the rest. I am lucky to have Katie Knox with me. Butchers is as much my dream as hers.

What can we expect from Butchers throughout 2017 and beyond?

Well, not wanting to spill all the beans but… Butchers 2 might be closer than you think and that is all we will say.

Find Butchers on Instagram: @butcherssalon

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