We’re back with a new edition of our Salon Design of the Month series, where we delve into the world of salon owners and their unique stories. At Salons Direct, we’re passionate about the nails, hair, beauty and barbering industries and the creative individuals that power them. Through this series, we aim to highlight the inspiring journeys of salon owners and their salon design choices. From village businesses to city hotspots, we’ll explore the diverse range of salons and the personalities behind them.

Get ready to be inspired by the stories of real salon owners…

This month we caught up with Hollie Lovatt, owner of Hollie Hair Extensions based in Stoke-On-Trent. 👇   

How did your salon begin?

It happened so quickly, I always knew I wanted a salon, but I always wanted one in my area and close to my home, and last November, a place came up. My village is small, so everyone knows everyone and word gets about quickly, and places get snatched up. I managed to get in there, and a week later, I had the keys!

I completely started again to add my own ideas to my salon. I had a few holidays booked around this time, so it was delayed slightly, and of course, due to Christmas, it was delayed a bit more it felt like forever, but in January, I was open.

How did you decide upon the design of your salon?


I wanted a salon that suits all ages. A place where everyone can feel comfy and cosy, and almost like they’re home. The wood and the neutrals in my salon does just that! I like minimalist vibes but attention to detail.

What are some of your favourite products and tools to use in your salon?

I love the hair-made easi hair holders, I have them on my wall, which hold my hair for upcoming fittings, and I have them in my trolleys to make fitting clean and quick.

How do you stand out from your competitors?

I am the only hair extensionist in my village, my location is set back and relaxed, and all my other competitors are close by and in bigger towns. My working hours are much more flexible and not the typical Mon- Friday 9-5. I work two late days a week, allowing more flexibility for clients who work 9-5 and need an appointment.

What do you think makes a successful salon?


A very motivated space, and a motivated mind, having a nice space that you feel motivated in is so important. Loving the space you work in makes my job even better. I look forward to going to work, as I feel proud of looking at the salon I have created.

A motivated mind also helps. I don’t mind working late hours to make sure I get all my clients in. Working hard makes my salon successful.

How do you keep up to date with the latest industry trends?

💭 I’m always watching videos on social media.

💭 I follow a lot of other successful salon owners.

💭 I love to keep educating myself.

What advice can you give to others wanting to open a salon?

Just do it! I promise all the stress and tears will be worth it! I had meltdown after meltdown for no reason; now I think about it, I think I was just extremely overwhelmed and in shock that this was real and that all my hard work had paid off. I always knew I would get there, but it happened so quickly.

💡Take your time vision your ideas and then execute them!

💡Don’t rush anything if something isn’t in stock. Just wait.

💡 Everything will come together, and it’s everything you’ve wanted. If it takes one month to complete or six months, it will all be worth it in the end.

What can we expect from your salon business in 2023 and beyond?

This year I will be starting my academy to offer training and master classes and continuing my hunt for the best quality hair extensions to one day have my own brand of hair.

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