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Inside their picture-perfect boutique salon, Rose & Wild has established itself as a balayage specialist. With an ethos that is dedicated to making sure clients and stylists feel good about being in the salon, we chatted to owner, @shivvvey  for this month’s Salon Design of the Month feature…

How did Rose & Wild begin?

R&W opened early January 2019. Myself and my business partner, Curtis, wanted to create what we wished existed; a go-to happy place not only for our clients, but for the team of colourists and stylists that work there, too. This meant we wanted to create a hub that everyone wanted to visit and feel like they belong. Feel good colours and work life balance.

The salon space is comfortable enough for our clients to be able to tick off their to do lists all in one space. It’s a progressive concept that allows for our team to have more control on their working hours, which can guarantee them a better work-life balance. A stylist and client that enjoys the space and chooses to be there is most definitely more likely to be happy whilst they are there

Rose & Wild Hair Salon Back Wash Sinks

How did you decide upon the aesthetic of the salon?

We wanted everyone to feel so comfortable that it almost felt like home, so there are countless amounts of soft furnishings scattered throughout the boutique. The salon is built to make you feel good, so the chosen pastel colour palette helps to evoke nostalgic feel-good connotations.

We like to spend a lot of our time getting to really know our clients and their hair, so we specifically created an area called the Consultation Hub which pretty much feels like you are in your living room. This was so that our clients felt at ease when in a consultation, and were able to feel really comfortable when sharing their wants and needs. We wanted to escape the “let’s do the same as last time” routine that can happen at a hairdressing station under pressure.

How do you stand out from your competitors?

Our consultation hub has been a big selling point as it not only helps us to give an incredible consultation and really get to know our clients, but it has gained us countless amounts of press and coverage. The hub has a definite Instagramable aesthetic, which means all of our clients when they visit us love to have their hair photos taken there so that they can share with their friend and followers. This has created a new way of gaining recommendations and enabled the awareness of our salon to grow quite quickly.

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Rose & Wild Nail Area

How do you think social media has influenced our industry?

Social media has been great for our industry as it has helped to build awareness of the amazing hair we create and what we have to offer to a broader market. Our industry has always been an amazing one, but before social I believe all of its glory was not that visible to those outside of it. Many years ago, the only salons that clients would have heard of would have been those that had huge campaign collections and large financial backing, whereas now even the smaller, boutique and more niche salons can create a stir. Clients are now looking for the right fit and brand of salon for them and I feel that social media has given us the platform to be able to speak to them and help them find us.

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How do you keep up to date with the latest industry trends?

Trends move a lot faster than they did many years ago. Before, a trend would stick around for a whole season or year and so it would be much easier to get to grips with it. But, because of social media, now everything moves very fast and yesterday’s trend can very quickly become today’s nothing. I would recommend keeping an eye out on what your favourite artists, stylists, brand and magazines are doing via social media – but try not to lose sight of who you are and what you like. Sometimes the overload of information can become confusing and contradictory.

What are some of your favourite products and tools to use in the salon?

Balayage board is a must – it goes with me everywhere! Even if I’m not performing a traditional Balayage it often helps with blending of my colours etc.

And, of course, my array of Framar brushes… they really are incredible for creating that seamless blend.

Framar Brush Set

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What do you think makes a successful salon?

The artists and team that work there. Without great talent, that has passion and cares about what they do, you literally have nothing.

What advice can you give to others wanting to open a salon?

Do it!! Now is the best time because, as I mentioned, you have all the tools around you to promote it and the size of your brand or salon does not matter. Spend the time before opening to find your USP and really work hard on developing and growing it.

What can we expect from you in 2019 and beyond?

We really do believe in developing and nurturing new and growing artists so we will be focusing on ways we can help to educate those within our industry in our new studio due to open end of the year!!!! Watch this space……..

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