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Whether you’re setting up a salon business from scratch or considering updating areas of your existing salon, it will no doubt be a costly project to ensure you have the perfect premises to run your hair, beauty or barbering business from. Here we’ll be sharing our best advice on where to spend and where to save on your in-salon essentials, including everything from furniture to the daily fundamentals.

Where to splurge in your salon

There are areas where it is worth spending as much as your budget permits, as it will make all the difference with regard to both longevity and quality. By spending that bit more, you are investing in something that will last and feel more luxurious than if you were to scrimp.

1. Invest in salon chairs and beauty beds

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Salon furniture is an area to splurge if you can, as, after all, your salon furniture is the place where your clients spend the most time during their treatment. Ensuring that your salon chairs and beauty beds are both comfortable for your clients and aesthetically appealing is important.

It is also worth considering spending a bit more as salon furniture takes a lot of traffic, making it more prone to wear and tear over time – Cheaper options will simply not last as long.

When it comes to investing in new salon furniture, you may find our previous guides on how salon furniture affects profits  and the best salon furniture for all budgets useful as part of your research. If you’re looking for new hairdressing chairs or beauty beds, we recommend our stunning range of Lotus furniture, available exclusively at Salons Direct.


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2. Invest in backwashes

Lotus Murray Backwash

If you own a hair salon, your backwash units are another area to splurge rather than save if you can. A high-quality backwash unit will feel comfortable and luxurious for your client to relax in, making hair washing and rinsing colour an easier experience for everyone, including your team.


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3. Invest in your trolley

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In the salon, your trolley is an extension of yourself, housing all of your tools and important pieces of kit such as hairdryers, brushes, and colouring products. Your trolley must be sturdy and strong, with plenty of compartments to stash your salon essentials.

If budget permits, choose the best quality trolley you can find with pivotal wheels, plenty of drawers and a large flat top for placing colouring bowls.

4.Invest in your lighting 

In order to create your best work, you need to be able to see what you’re doing clearly. The right salon lighting is the only way to do this. Not only will the right lighting set the mood and ambience of your salon, but it will also assist you in your work. Make sure you choose energy-efficient lighting options to save money in the long run on your energy bills.

5. Invest in your signage

Hair signage

Your salon sign, along with your salon exterior, is the first impression a client will get of your salon business. If your salon signage has letters falling off, or worse, missing, and your front window needs a scrub, you are unlikely to give off the message you hope to. We recommend investing in the best salon signage that you can afford to create the impression you want to make on potential clients.

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6. Invest in security

Your salon and everything inside it is your livelihood. The last thing you want is for a break-in that could have been prevented with new, up-to-date security measures. Whether it’s small changes such as installing front door cameras and interior cameras or upgrading your entire security alarm system, it is never a waste of money for the piece of mind that your salon premises are safe.

Where to save in your salon

Now that you know where to splurge, here’s where you can claw back some cash by shopping savvy.

1. Save on mirrors

Salon mirrors

You can find some real bargains regarding the right mirrors for your salon. Whether you’re looking for standard, backlit, or even handheld ones. Curate a list of the kinds of mirrors you need and would ideally prefer, then shop around for the best deals. Take a look at the professional salon mirrors you can buy at Salons Direct as a reference point.

2. Save on shelving

Your stock room shelving can be bought cheaply from DIY and home improvement stores. All you need to do is ensure that they are sturdy and robust, especially if you are holding a lot of stock that needs to be easy to get to and neatly displayed for people to find what they’re looking for.

3. Save on decorations

The finishing touches to your salon interior contribute to the overall feel of your interior. You can find the perfect finishing touches and decorations relatively inexpensively from a range of high-street retailers.


If you’re looking for some salon interior inspiration, take a look at our ‘Salon Design Of The Month‘ feature, whereby we take a look inside one beautifully designed salon every month.

4. Save on cleaning supplies.

You do not need to spend lots of money on cleaning products as you can pick them up reasonably from Supermarkets, cash and carry, home improvement stores and general shops. We always recommend bulk buying your cleaning supplies as undoubtedly you get through a lot of them, making sure your salon is pristine.

5. Save on hair & beauty products.

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Did you know that you can find some fantastic salon essentials bargains here at Salons Direct? Check out our offers page for the best discounts you can find on your favourite brands and products. Whatsmore, we also regularly update our clearance section for even further savings to be made monthly.

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