There are many things that go into creating a successful salon or barbershop. From having highly trained and professional staff to pitching your prices at the right level, your business needs to make the right impression and keep those clients coming back time and time again. One of the most important aspects is the salon furniture and equipment you use.

From the salon reception to your barber’s chairs and back again, your furniture needs to look the part but also be high quality while not costing the earth Here at Salons Direct, we’ve gathered together some of the best salon furniture for hairdressers, barbers and beauty salons, produced by Lotus, one of the leading names in the industry and a brand that is exclusive to Salons Direct!

Best Barber chairs

You can’t have a successful barbers without good quality barbershop chairs – not only do they need to be comfortable and easily manoeuvrable but they also need to look great; style is a big part of what makes a modern barbershop stand out from the crowd.

Here are some of the best barbershop  chairs on the market right now…

Lotus Regency Barber’s Chair

Lotus Regency Barber Chair

The Lotus Regency is a classically styled barber’s chair, available in either green or red-brown. The buttoned style and chrome finish really stands the test of time, and the static footrest, hydraulic height adjustment and adjustable headrest make it a fantastic all-round barber’s chair.

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Lotus Raleigh Barber’s Chair

Lotus Regency Barber Chair Red-Brown

The Lotus Regency barber’s chair has a stylised retro look that will look fantastic in just about any barber shop. Available in several colours, this chair has all the features you’d expect, including adjustable headrest & footrest, reclining backrest and hydraulic pump lift.

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Lotus Burton Barber’s Chair

Lotus Burton Barber Chair

A real classic design, the Lotus Burton barber’s chair is a lesson in dependable and stylish salon furniture. A reclining backrest as standard, it’s packed full of other important features that will help your barbers give a fantastic service for your clients.

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Best Styling Chairs & Backwash Units

A good styling chair shouldn’t be overlooked – your clients can be sat down for a while so you need somewhere that’s comfortable but still looks stylish. Similarly, a quality backwash unit is also important for both your clients and your staff.

Check out some of the best hairdressing styling chairs and backwash units…

Lotus Murray Styling Chair + matching backwash unit

Lotus Murray Black Backwash Unit

The square, boxy design of the Lotus Murray styling chair would look fantastic in any contemporary salon, and is nice and comfortable to make your clients feel at home. The backwash unit comes with a white ceramic basin, mixer valve and handspray for a great all round wash.

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Lotus Phoenix Styling Chair + matching backwash uni

The Lotus Phoenix stylish chair and backwash unit is simple in design but really excels in quality. No matter the style of your salon, this chair will look right at home, and the price will ensure you don’t break the bank.

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Lotus Phoenix Backwash Unit

Lotus Washington Styling Chair

Lotus Washington Chair Brown With Square Base

If you want a styling chair for your salon that really stands out then the Lotus Washington could be just what you’re after. Available with a variety of base types, the elegant design of this chair will definitely fit in with your decor whether it’s traditional or ultra-modern.

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Best Beauty Beds

In order to give your clients top quality beauty treatments, it’s important you have a functional and beauty bed of the highest standard – both your clients and your staff will thank you for the investment!

Here are three of the best salon beauty beds we have available…

Lotus Chelsea Electric Spa Couch

Lotus Chelsea Electric Spa Couch Cream

Offering smooth electric height adjustment and padded upholstery, the Lotus Chelsea Electric Spa Couch is a thing of beauty! With a solid dark wood frame, it’ll stand the test of time and with a comfort factor that’s through the roof, clients will be begging to come back time and time again.

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Lotus Darwin Beauty Bed

The Lotus Darwin is a motorised beauty bed lets you position it in various positions to suit you and the client. One of the most versatile and easy-to-use beauty beds on the market, this will ensure virtually any treatment is a piece of cake.Lotus Darwin Motorised Couch

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Lotus Brisbane Beauty Bed

Lotus Brisbane Motorised Couch

Ideal for cosmetics, massage treatments and body treatments, the Lotus Brisbane is a deluxe beauty bed that offers supreme comfort and practicality. Simple to use, you may never need another beauty bed again!

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Best Salon Trolleys

Keeping your hairdressing and beauty equipment safe, neat and tidy is vital in order to maintain a professionally run salon or barbers.

Here are some of the best salon trolleys in which to store all your bits and pieces.

Lotus Urban Trolley

Lotus Urban TrolleyThe eye-catching design of the Lotus Urban trolley will look superb in a stylish barbers or shabby chic salon. With easy to pull out drawers, you can easily keep equipment close by for when you need it.

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Lotus Onyx Trolley

Lotus Onyx Salon Equipment Trolley Black

If you need a trolley that has space for pretty much everything then the Lotus Onyx could be ideal. With five spacious drawers, you’ll have ample storage space, as well as side compartments for products and a holder for a hairdryer.

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Lotus Star Trolley

Lotus Star Trolley

This great value trolley has plenty of room for all your salon accessories, with excellent accessibility so you can find just what you need when you need it. The strong and sturdy design also means it will stand the test of time.

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