Salon Marketing Ideas For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day provides a brilliant marketing opportunity for your hair or beauty salon business to not only increase the number of appointments made over this time, but to also open up your fantastic services to new clientele. When you break it down, offering Mother’s Day packages makes so much sense, as the pampering and treatment industry provides the perfect gift for such an occasion.

In 2016 in the UK we spent £928 million on Mother’s Day, with an average of £58 spent on our mothers. This price point fits in perfectly with client spend at a hair or beauty salon, so taking advantage of this opportunity is a no brainer.

Firstly, think about the kinds of promotions you’d like to put together. Perhaps it’s 50% off a treatment for your Mum when you both book in for treatments together, or free pedicure with every manicure. Whatever you’re offering, ensure that both your salon interior and your shop window are both kitted out with promotional assets such as posters to advertise what you have going on for the occasion.

Leverage the power of social media…

It is probable that social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram attract the widest audience towards your business, and it’s where communities of clients are already established. We have already touched upon social media marketing for salons and the principles are the same when it comes to marketing any occasion – Mother’s Day is no exception.

In the lead up to the event, update your salon profiles with engaging and relevant content and adopt a balance between starting conversations about Mother’s Day and mums, as well as including a few more sales led messages regarding the offers and packages you are promoting as Mother’s Day deals. By keeping things lighthearted and balanced, you are demonstrating that your salon will be acknowledging Mother’s Day as well as creating interest around the occasion.

Another idea is to promote a special Mother’s Day giveaway. Put together a package of products stocked in your salon or a brilliant treatment offer and upload the details to your social media page. Encourage people to share the post, or enter their email address for a chance to win it.

Not only is this a great tool to spread your salon name far and wide through Facebook shares, but it also captures email data for your database. You never know, the winner may be somebody who has never before stepped foot in your salon and with your post being spread far and wide, you could find yourself adding a new client or two to your books, all because of a simple give-away that required minimal effort.

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Covering your clients’ tracks..

Wherever your concrete and potential client base is, is where you need to be marketing… And salon marketing doesn’t stop at social media. Don’t forget to advertise your Mother’s Day offers and promotions on any newsletters and on your website to add to your reach and increase awareness. You can also inform your staff to gently, and in a non-pushy manner mention any deals you have for Mother’s Day when they are working with a client.

You could also host a salon event in the weeks around Mother’s Day and offer complimentary mini treatments or consultations for clients and their Mum.

However you choose to promote Mother’s Day within you salon, make sure that you are visible and staying competitive.

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