Alice Kirby from Lockhart Meyer Salon Marketing shares some tips on how to make your salon offers a success!!

Do you use the colour red to advertise your salon sale prices and offers?

I have always thought of it as a bit of a brash tactic loved by low-cost supermarkets and discounters. Not perhaps the marketing approach associated with hair and beauty businesses.

But how wrong could I be. According to a recent scientific study I’ve been missing a marketing trick. Researchers have discovered that using the colour red makes customers think prices are lower, even though they are actually not.

Red sells: it’s a fact

Recent research investigated the link between colour and pricing. The report, “Are Men Seduced by Red? The Effect of Red Versus Black Prices on Price Perceptions”, revealed some surprising results.

Experiments revealed that when prices were shown printed in red, men thought the perceived savings were twice as high as when the same price was printed in black. In other words, red offers and prices seduce your male clients into buying.

In contrast, most women were unaffected by the colour the price or offer was printed in.

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Are Men Seduced by Red? The Effect of Red Versus Black Prices on Price Perceptions

Channel the power of red and sell more

So, how can you use the colour red in your hair or beauty business to sell more retail and promote your offers?

– Try using red to advertise your male-orientated offers or products. You don’t have to discount. The very fact of printing it in red increases the chances of take up from your male customers.
– Apparently the ‘red effect’ is strongest when guys are making impulse purchases. So use it to highlight any last-minute buys on your reception desk and on any re-booking price incentives too.
– The ‘red trick’ works across all marketing tools. Add a dash of red to your website and social media promotions, offers and adverts targeted at men. And if you have a salon or spa use it on your adverts in the men’s washroom.
– The great news is that using red for prices won’t damage an offer’s appeal to your female clients. So you can tempt the men with red, without decreasing sales to women. Win-win.

It’s easy to think of men and women buying habits being the same. But time after time, studies show the sexes differ when it comes to purchasing behaviour. As the owner of a hair or beauty business it makes sound business sense to appreciate these differing attitudes and take advantage of them.

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