The height of summer can be an extremely prosperous time for your salon business. With plenty of people looking for spray tanning, manicures and pedicures and a fresh hair colour, it’s the perfect season for boosting profits, increasing footfall within your salon and creating bespoke treatment packages to bump up that football.

In today’s article, we catch up with the team at Perfect 10 Mobile Beauty and Andre Suard of the Gielly Green salon to discover their approaches and thoughts on making the summertime season a profitable time for your salon.

What are the best offers and beauty services to promote during summer?

Perfect 10 Mobile Beauty says:

The summer beauty season is the ‘essentials’ season and Perfect 10 always sees a huge rise in appointments for waxing, spray tans and nails during this time. Due to these being the most popular treatments we would not necessarily promote with offers. Instead, we would focus promotions on facials and body treatments to prep the skin ready for the ‘essentials’ treatment. Presenting an offer or a mini version of these treatments is always a good option to drive bookings.

Gielly Green says:

The best offers for a summer promotion will have to incorporate anything to do with holiday preparation, as well as a pre and after sun holiday care treatments. A package selling not only waxing but skin exfoliating, manicure and pedicure, and aftercare for people coming back from the holidays would be useful.

Discounted packages will be wrong at this time; this is the time people want to spend on themselves, and it’s the time for them to be introduced to different treatments and open their eyes to what is happening in the beauty industry.

Packages with extras, a glass of champagne with an introduction of a friend are all good ideas. It has to be an opportunity for the beauty industry to approach their customer and let them introduce their family or friends to their favourite place.

Does it make sense to put together treatment/pamper packages together before people go on their holiday?

Perfect 10 Mobile Beauty says:

Definitely, this makes organising treatments and scheduling the time to experience them a lot easier and more convenient for clients. A pick and mix style approach is always popular with Perfect 10 clients.

Gielly Green says:

Yes, before and after holiday package will definitely be tempting. This could also include a pre-holiday glow as a fake tan treatment after a skin exfoliation, but also after sun bedding and sitting in the sun, it will be good to have a treatment to get rid of the dry skin and flakiness.

Also, this is the period that people will buy sun creams and hair care to protect from the sun. This is a period that people will indulge on themselves as holiday preparation is a feel-good factor and they will want to look their best and it’s an exciting time for the individual happy feelings.

What kind of marketing/social messages attract the holiday crowd?

Perfect 10 Mobile Beauty says:

Introducing new treatments and brands that are a must-have for the season is appealing to the holiday crowd. Testimonials are a great way to push a specific message or offer, especially for the non-beauty goers who are looking for a company to book summer treatments. Testimonials provide more information for new clients to justify why they should choose you.

Gielly Green says:

As holiday time is such a good feeling and excitement in general, the customer is then in a very happy space, they want to look their best and this emotion has to be a great holiday start.

A tired mum will want to start to unwind and it will be the first time she will think about herself. What she is going to wear, the way she looks, her hair colour etc… The message has to be an extension of the holiday before but also after to prolong that happy feeling.

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