Trends are always difficult to predict, which makes planning your marketing and promotions in the salon incredibly difficult.

However, the beauty industry is very seasonal, with “beach body” treatments being more popular in the summer, and “winter warming” treatments being more popular in the colder months.

Certain events happen at the same time every year, and it’s a great marketing opportunity for salons – keep one step ahead of your clients and give them what they need before they realise they need it!


June: Father’s Day falls in June, and so this is a great opportunity to show off what male treatments you offer by putting together a special package to attract new clients, and to showcase what other services you offer to existing clients. Male grooming is becoming more popular, but some men are still nervous about coming in for treatments – this is a great way to introduce them.

July/August: This is the start of holiday season for most of your clients, so a great time to offer a pre-holiday package: lash and brow tints, manicures & pedicures and waxing.


September/October: It’s back to school and work for most after a lovely summer break! Pay special attention to skin repair and soothing treatments to ease tired, holiday skin into the autumn season. Offer spray tans to clients wanting to keep their holiday radiance.

November: As Autumn starts to move into winter, clients’ skin becomes very dry and dehydrated. Offer them luxury face and body treatments to re-moisturise skin, and get them ready for the party season.


December: Christmas parties are upon us and what a great opportunity for you to offer clients pre-party pamper packages! Nails, lashes and tanning are the most popular treatments at this time of year, so be sure to offer clients great deals! It’s also a great opportunity to offer them a discount for a repeat visit in January.

January: A new year brings new resolutions and now is the time when your clients are looking to detox after a season of Christmas parties! Focus on offering them renewing and moisturising treatments – a hot stone massage is a great treat for tired post-party bodies.

February: Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to promote couples massages, and male and female grooming packages ready for the big day. Stock up on red nail polishes and lashes, and offer your clients special offers on waxing packages.


March: Mother’s Day falls in March, so make sure that you remind your clients in advance. Facials and massages always go down well!

April/May: April and May are great months to get started on longer term treatments such as permanent hair removal options, as well as tying in to summer nail and makeup trends.

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