What advice would you give someone wanting to start up their own waxing business?

Setting up your own waxing business can be very exciting as long as you plan and prepare properly. Key things that you need to consider are:

Company name – select a name for your company that is unique or appropriate to your business.

Registering your business with HMRC – how to do this is, is on the HMRC website.

Salon, renting a room, mobile – decide whether you want to open up a specialist salon or rent a room in an existing salon. Another option is to provide a mobile waxing service (some more self-conscious customers prefer this) or a mixture of both.

Male and female waxing – do you want to provide treatments to both sexes or specialise in one ‘area’.

Qualifications – what type of waxing treatment do you want to provide? For example do you want to offer basic waxing or do you want to include intimate waxing? Either way you need to ensure you are properly qualified/experienced.

Advertising – how are you going to advertise your business? A low cost way is to create flyers/prices lists and post them into houses in your local area.

Stock – what type of wax, heaters etc. you need to buy could depend on whether you are working in a salon or mobile. The type of treatment could also dictate the type of kit you need. Get all your waxing stock HERE.

Insurance – whatever type of waxing business you are considering, you must ensure you have the correct insurance cover.