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It’s hugely important that your clients feel comfortable in your salon. Everything from the interactions they have with your staff to the salon space itself contribute to the overall client experience – and a positive experience is vital in determining whether or not they will return.

Treatment rooms see a lot of usage over the years and can very easily look tired. This is especially the case with salon furniture that is subjected to a high volume of traffic such as massage tables and beauty beds.  As a busy salon owner or therapist, it’s very easy to close the door on your treatment room and forget about it until the next client comes in.

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Capturing the right mood for your treatment rooms is an exercise that shouldn’t be overlooked. Think about why clients are visiting your salon, perhaps it’s to escape the stresses of their daily lives, treat themselves to some well earned ‘me time’ or try out a new treatment for the first time.

Pick a calming colour scheme…

If your treatment room is somewhere where clients will have intimate treatments such as hair removal, it is likely that any windows will be shielded and the room will use artificial light to illuminate the space. With this in mind, think about how you want your room to feel. You could opt for warm, darker colours such as aubergine or chocolate to make the room feel smaller and cosier, or you could opt for soft, neutral shades of lilac or cream to make the room feel more airy and bright.

It is, however, very important to not make the room feel too ‘clinical’ and sterile, so avoid too many cool toned colours and stark, white walls that have not been dressed or accessorised. If you want to be more playful with your decoration, you could even choose to create a feature wall using statement wallpaper to break the visuals of the room up a little.

Think of the senses…


Creating a tranquil treatment room that harnesses the senses – in particular smell. Ensure that your room is pleasantly scented using plug in air fresheners, reed diffusers and candles – this is particularly important in treatment rooms that are subject to strong chemical scents such as acetone or tanning solution. Consider using essential oils and aromatherapy to help lift your clients mood or aid relaxation. You can even personalise their treatment by asking them to pick their preferred fragrance.

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Essential oil, towel and massage oil for salon treatment room

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We also recommend choosing a relaxing soundtrack to fill your treatment room with ambience and a peaceful aura. You could choose a playlist that features relaxing nature sounds to transport your client to a place of pure relaxation.


It’s very important that your treatment room feels clean and luxurious. Make sure your beauty towels are in good condition and are clean and fresh for every client – hot towel cabinets are a great addition. Blankets and sarongs can help make clients feel comfortable, or you might want to provide salon robes and slippers if you are offering a full spa experience. You should also invest in your beauty couch covers to ensure you keep your couch or table as clean and comfortable as possible!

Getting your skin products right is also essential. Use body lotions and massage oils that are kind to the skin and leave clients feeling as through they’ve had a real treat. Adding hot stones are a great way to upsell a treatment, too.


The right lighting is really important to set the mood and tone of your treatment room. Of course, it all depends how your treatment room is used and this will determine what kind of beauty lamps you require. If, for example, your room is focused on massage therapy you would opt for lighting that is soft focused with dimming options. If the room is for intricate treatments such as waxing or nail treatments, choose brighter lights that are evenly spread throughout the room to distribute the light effectively.


The temperature of treatment rooms is often overlooked and it is important that you are able to adjust the heating accordingly. If clients are having massages or waxing treatments, they are likely to feel drops in temperature more acutely. If you aren’t able to install a thermostat in the room, opt for heated blankets to help make the treatment beds warmer for your clients. After all, there’s nothing worse than being cold and uncomfortable in an unfamiliar place.


We recommend taking a walk around your treatment room space. How does the space make you feel? Put yourself in your clients’ position – do you feel welcomed? Comfortable? And at ease? If you haven’t got the budget to refresh your treatment room completely, you could include fresh flowers in a new vase, hang new artwork or update your towels to make the room feel rejuvenated and fresh – this small change can make all the difference to how your clients perceive your salon!

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