In order to be a successful and professional beauty therapist, there are a range of skills which are required. Many beauty trainees are attracted to the glamorous side of the job and sometimes forget to take into consideration what personal qualities they might need.

One of the most essential skills that all budding beauty students should have is confidence in meeting new people. They should have a welcoming personality to make customers feel relaxed around them and also have no reservations about working in a close environment to them.

In this post, we take a look at some of the other top qualities that are required for a beauty therapist role.

Skills that you need to be a professional beauty therapist:

A passion for beauty and hair

Before beginning your beauty training, you should naturally be passionate about health and beauty issues, looks and trends. You’ll be used to scouring magazines, newspapers and Instagram for inspiration on what treatments and looks you could carry out on both friends and clients.


You will also be a pro at knowing what nail polish colours are ‘in’, new celebrity hairdos and be able to spot a good set of waxed and tinted ‘brows from afar. Alongside this, you will need to have an interest and understanding of the health issues that can have an affect on appearance and confidence.


A beauty therapist is a figure that people put their trust into, they may reveal body issues that might be embarrassing to them and it’s up to you to maintain their trust and be discreet about their visit.


Artistic Flair

If you’ve got a strong creative side, then a role as a beauty therapist is perfect for you. You’ll be able to advise clients on what you think will or will not suit them. This is especially important if you specialise within makeup and hairdressing- you’ll have to visualise what look will work on them- and they trust you to get it right.

Excellent time keeping

One of the key aspects to this role is being able to keep to your schedule- or at least try to keep as close to it as possible. As with any job, delays do occur but it’s being able to remain calm and not stressed when things don’t go to plan and to avoid cancelling or rushing any appointments.

Passionate about learning

Having a career within the beauty industry is one that will constantly involve learning new skills, techniques and new products. You should be enthusiastic about trying new ways of working and being able to complete future studies which might be required for you to carry out other treatments.


A good listener

One of the main things about a visit to the salon is for the customer to have a chat to the therapist while they are being pampered. You’ll find yourself being told about their holidays, friends and finding out what they’re watching on the telly. You should be interested in listening to them and be ready with a question to ask next to continue the conversation. If you don’t- you might appear rude and uninterested!

Dedication to the industry

Through both your work and attitude, you’ll be able to show your love for being part of the beauty industry. If you are excited to try a new look on a client then that passion will show through. It takes a lot of hard work and time to qualify as a therapist and this will continue when you’re studying for future courses. It’s also a physical job that requires long hours being on your feet.

These are some of the vital skills that a beauty therapist requires. Share with us in the comments below what skills you think are important!

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