With the popularity of email nowadays, you could be fooled into thinking that traditional post has lost its touch. Sure, an email is convenient, quick to send, and not to mention free, but there’s nothing quite like the thought which goes into sending snail mail, and clients are first to appreciate this extra effort.

Why snail mail marketing?

Google have recently starting mailing out Adwords vouchers in the post because they’ve realised one simple fact – snail mail gets read. According to research by Royal Mail, 82% of consumers open direct mail, most probably because we receive such little post these days that real mail gets us a little bit excited. We are bombarded with technology every day, and companies are now beginning to realise that a personal touch goes a long way.

Who should you mail?

1. Lapsed Clients

Every salon has them on their books, clients that haven’t been in for a treatment for 6-12 months. A great way to try and coax them back into your salon for a visit is by sending them a little postcard. You know it will definitely reach the client’s letter box, so opt for a striking design and a stand-out offer to grab their attention. After all, there’s no point being stingy with discounts after you’ve gone through the effort to pay to mail the postcard out, and it will take a really good offer to motivate them to come back.

2. Birthday Celebrations

If you data capture a client’s birthday on their record cards, then what better opportunity than to surprise them with a small card in the post. You could offer them a birthday “gift” such as a short treatment when they next visit the salon – it’s much more personal than a generic discount, and if you handwrite the envelope the client will be more likely to open it. It might also be worthwhile getting some bespoke cards printed for your salon – it’s often cheaper in the long run than bulk buying from a shop.

3. New Clients

You could argue that it is relatively easy to attract a new client, through social media, advertising and word of mouth. The hard part is what comes next – customer retention! If you’ve had a new client in and they haven’t revisited in 6-8 weeks, why not try sending them a little postcard in the post with a good offer for their second visit. These new clients are your hottest prospects – they’ve already paid for a service with you – and now you want turn them into regular loyal clients. Handwrite the envelope for that all-important personal touch!

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