Crazy Color are celebrating 40 years of hair colour this month. Yep, those iconic pink bottles of semi permanent colour have been allowing clients to experiment with statement hues on their hair since 1977.

In our latest brand spotlight, we chat to Crazy Color to find out how they have remaining innovative  within the business of hair for over 4 decades.

Crazy Color

Tell us more about how Crazy Color began?

Crazy Color® was launched in 1977 in the midst of the punk rock explosion and has been loved worldwide ever since. In every iconic pink bottle comes a color that will rock your world. Each decade gathers new fans. They continue to inspire us and remind us that hair color has no limits.

Tell us about your hair colour range?

Crazy Color® is the original and best semi-permanent hair colour range. Available in 37 arresting shades it’s a pioneering selection of vibrant hair dyes perfect for an on-trend look. This is hair fashion at its most daring for impactful style that turns heads. Available worldwide across 6 continents.

How do you think Crazy Color changed the face of hair colour?

We are the original rainbow hair brand it all started in London in the late 70’s at that time they were used as correctors however after Marc Hilliard’s display in Mayfair the Punk Movement took Crazy Color ® as their flag with pop groups and artistic stylists alike. An exciting new chapter in hair really opened up.

How has the company innovated over the last 40 years?

We’ve always brought our clients the leading fashion colours we set the trends in the next season’s palette by pulling from a lot of different sources runway, celebrities and salon’s. 

What is your most popular colour with consumers?

Right now everyone is after our New Metallics collection, the Rose Gold in particular because it’s still a colour that people want to try and emulate. The classic base colours such as Pinkissimo and Fire never wane in popularity as stylist still use them as a staple.

How does Crazy Color stay competitive and innovative within the market?

We recently brought out a new Pastel Spray range which means hair colour is even easier to switch up and can be washed straight out this gives even more flexibility. We continue to expand our product lines in aftercare too with our rainbow shampoo and conditioner ranges.  

What trends in hair colour have you noticed over the last few years?

 Pastels and sweet candy colours have dominated the trends in the last few years, they’re easy to switch up from Candyfloss to Peppermint.

Where do you see the future of hair colouring headed?

It’s limitless, the colour palette available is ever changing and stylists come up with new ways to apply colour through airbrushing and colour blocking. Each season brings a new and more exciting trend. Crazy Color® will give stylists the tools they need to achieve it.

Crazy Color

Why do you think people choose Crazy Color?

Crazy Color® offers such an expansive range of colours and they’re all mixable meaning mid tones can be easily achieved. It’s also a conditioning formulation and gives an unrivalled shine to the hair, and of course we are vegan friendly.   

What’s in store for 2017 and beyond? 

Crazy Color® is always innovating so look out for more new shades and expanding our Rainbow Care and Pastel Spray Ranges!

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